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Increase Retail Sales With A Planogram

Sunday, July 15th, 2018

By Maxx Johnson

All country club golf shops as well as retail golf stores are going through a difficult time as they all chase after the few disposable dollars that are left in our economy. A planogram is an easy way to improve golf shop sales without spending a dime! Obviously what concerns you as the General Manager, Director of Golf or Head Golf Professional have is how are you going to maximize what you already have to increase sales to get through this difficult economic time.

Use a planogram. This may be a new term to you but it has been around for awhile. Planograms have mainly been used by big box retailers but they can help you as well. What exactly is a Golf Shop Planogram? Well I have used a golf shop planograms as documents that show the layout of the golf shop with how the fixtures and product are going to be arranged or displayed for sale. In addition, it contains where information will be placed that is designed to encourage your members to buy and help them to be sold on your products. As we all know golf shop budgets are getting tighter and tighter every single year.

Do more with less! I am sure you have heard it. Many general or retail stores we walk into these days basically offer a self-serve mentality for the members or customers. In turn we must get them as much information as possible. These diagrams will also help you when it comes time for inventory. You may use these sheets to mark off which sections are completed by which employee in case a re-count must be done.

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A golf shop planogram will contain useful information such as where the most popular brands of a certain product will be placed as well as show you the quantity variations of a certain product. For example, if you have a staple best seller you may not want it front and center as you know people will go to find it. This will allow you to feature another brand that may have a better margin associated with it.

The planogram my staff develops will tell us what we should stock and which sizes/colors work best for our store; recommend merchandising tactics like how much space we should allocate to each product; offer insights into the type of customers that buy the products and their motivation for buying; and offer ideal store layouts based on this information. We come up with a seasonal planogram. This meaning we develop four in a year to change the look of our golf shop quarterly. Depending on the type of facility you are at you may need more or you may need less depending on your traffic and what type of traffic it is.

Using the information within the planogram can really help a country club golf shop or retail golf shop to identify which are the best products to stock from each category and to improve the layouts and merchandising to its members and guests.

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