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The Power Of 30 Contacts Vs. 3000 Friends

Monday, August 13th, 2018

Submitted by: Marion Freijsen

Social Media Marketing and Networking are imperative tools in today s society as consumers are spending more time in the virtual world, seeking out information, services and products from the comfort of their own home, or even on the go via their Smartphones. The internet is providing new and exciting opportunities for businesses to connect globally as well as providing a space to get their brand in front of consumers that are actively looking for them. Many business owners and entrepreneurs that have focused growing their businesses through traditional advertising means, simply aren t aware of what the internet offers and how they can take advantage of these powerful outlets to create a presence for themselves on the web to effectively position themselves in front of those seeking their services. If you are a business owner and don t know the answer to the following question, your company may be missing out on an entire market of consumers that are looking for you. Between the social networking big boys, Facebook and Twitter alone, how many total members can these two networks boast?

The answer may surprise you. Globally, Twitter and Facebook combined have over 700 million users. And are growing daily. Having access to over 700 million consumers on a daily basis is absolutely priceless for today s entrepreneur. Through these sites, a business owner can interact, promote, market and research the exact target market they are looking to get in front of. However, while compiling eyes on your business is imperative, owners want to find the right connections: those that are active, engaged and will provide a value proposition to your growth. Having 3,000 friends is a great start but finding 30 quality contacts from these connections can provide the amazing benefits to any growing organization.

30 vs. 3000

Depending on the products and services you offer, 3,000 friends may feel like you ve hit the jackpot! However; who are these 3,000 followers you ve accumulated? It s great to have the eyes on your business, but are these friends that are going to help you grow?

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This is where vetting the quality of your followers comes in, as well as planning a strong marketing strategy. Rather than focusing on compiling 3,000 friends, it has repeatedly been proven beneficial to find 30 strong contacts that have the resources and information that will help you and your business advance.

Important Benefits of Social Networking

Social networking sites are an amazing tool for entrepreneurs to use in promoting their business for countless numbers of reasons. The most important aspects these sites provide are market research, marketing and advertising, and growth opportunities.

Market Research: One invaluable service social networking sites provide is the instant access business owners have to the demographics of their target market. Social networking site users constantly update their information that is available to for public consumption, providing information on what they are looking for, what sort of products they use, and what services they seek. Obviously, reading 3,000 profiles is a time consuming and almost impossible process, but when you know what you are looking for, trends become easy to spot. Yet, once trends are recognized, what do you do with that information?

Under these circumstances, the power of 30 contacts becomes even more important. You have the information you need from your 3,000 followers but those strong 30 contacts can guide you in what to do with that information now that you ve gathered it. These experts have the knowledge you need, as well as the experience in executing it.

Marketing and Advertising: Social networking sites offer the most affordable avenue to promote your company. With the single click of a button, an entrepreneur has the capability to present their services to millions of people around the world. Yet, not all of these people you are marketing to desire what it is you offer.

Finding the right contact to market and advertise a company s services to offers substantially larger benefits. Rather than wasting precious time marketing your company to thousands of networking users that can t take advantage of what you offer, zeroing in on those that can helps save time and money. Strong connections only make this more simple.

Growing Your Business: Undeniably, any follower a business attains can contribute to the growth of the company. Results become more satisfactory however, when strong connections are made that can provide a business with resources necessary to succeed and grow. Building a relationship with a vendor that supplies the materials required to manufacture your product could only prove beneficial in the long run. Being able to target connections to those directly in your industry can only simplify the job of building your brand.

Using the internet is indeed an effective way to grow any business. It is a cost efficient marketing tool that is simple to use, and can be much more reliable than traditional methods. Being cautious of where your efforts are focused however, can only strengthen your place in your industry. Remember 3,000 followers adds value, but 30 strong contacts can be simply invaluable.

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