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Water Tanks A Necessity Today}

Sunday, October 21st, 2018

Water Tanks – A Necessity Today


Darrell Young

Water industry be it government agencies or private companies supply water to the different users. The water in the water supply system is received from different sources like lakes, rivers, groundwater, sea or conservation processes. The water from these sources is purified, disinfected by chlorination and fluorinated. The water after the treatment is either pumped to the reservoirs that are located on the ground or elevated like the water towers. From the reservoirs, water is pumped to homes, offices and buildings which have their own water storage units called water tanks.

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The primary purpose of water tanks is storage of water for drinking purpose. The water tanks can also be used to store water for farming, irrigation, food preparation, feeding the livestock, fire control and many more. The water tanks are not new but are centuries old. The water tanks and granaries were used during one of oldest civilizations, i.e. Indus Valley Civilization and this fact is supported by the remains found in the area. In the Rome, there was system of indoor plumbing implying a system wherein the pipes and aqueducts interconnected the homes with the public wells. The stone, wood and ceramic were the common types of tanks used in the old times. Today also the water tanks are still very much in demand. Although the water supply is being done regularly and steps are being taken by the governments worldwide to provide clean drinking water to all around the clock. It is not enough and there is water shortages being felt world over. The scanty or no rainfall is creating drought like situations in the world over. When you plan to buy a water tank, you need to carefully research and find out the different tanks that are available in the market to be sure that the one you buy is going to suit your budget and requirement. Faced with drought conditions, people have realized the rain water harvesting importance and different methods are being used to save rain water. The reduced cost of water bills and tube well boring need is removed after rain water storage is done. One of the best storage spaces to store rain water is underground water tanks. These are made of concrete and polyethylene and their capacity range is from 1000L to 10,000L. These are structurally sound and the maintenance cost is less. Another way to harvest rain water is using concrete water tanks. These can also be used to store water for industrial, commercial and domestic use. These are made from cement and are thus sun, fire and wind proof making them one of the best options. These can be placed under or above the ground and are rust and vermin proof. Due to space constraints, people are now opting for the slimline water tanks. There are tanks available in different shapes like oval, rectangular and others for those looking for something different from the regular round tanks. There are available tanks made from different materials these days. One need to be sure of the requirement and then get a water tank installed to save water for days when there is going to be scarcity of water.

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Water Tanks – A Necessity Today}