Chamomile Tea As A Sleep Aid

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There is no feeling quite like putting an end to a long day by crawling under the cool sheets of your bed and closing your eyes against the labors of the world. For many, the hours in bed can be the only time they are truly able to be alone and at peace with themselves. Of course, there can be few things as frustrating as having that peaceful sleep time interfered with. Sometimes, you may have no idea why your sleep is not coming and no idea of what to do about it. You are leery of prescription and over the counter sleep aids because of their side effects, which many times can be drastic and unpleasant. All you want is a return to a normal sleep schedule and to wake up in the morning refreshed and ready to go. In the efforts of achieving this return to normalcy, you may wish to give thought to chamomile tea. It is purely natural and studies have shown it can be a tremendous aid to those missing their sleep.

A typical day in many a working adult can come with a big helping of stress, compounded with overindulgence in caffeine. If you find you can t get through the day without coffee and/or soda, chamomile tea could be the perfect counterbalance to settle your nerves before you climb into bed. Chamomile tea has been shown to work as a depressant, thus bringing your nerves down to a manageable level before trying to close your eyes and get the forty winks you ve worked so hard for. In addition to the effects on the nervous system, all of this caffeine can wreak havoc on your digestive system, leading to an upset stomach at night, particularly when lying down. Chamomile tea can again serve as an aid. Chamomile has properties known to settle the stomach, as well as settle the nerves.

There is some amount of dissent in the scientific community as to whether chamomile provides the effects it has long claimed to. While the jury may be out on the exact properties and their exact effects, it can t hurt to give it a try. Chamomile s effects are very popular anecdotally, and there are few if any reports of any adverse effects. Something can also be said for the placebo effect. Perhaps sitting with a warm cup of tea and taking the time to relax and focus on settling yourself for sleep has just as much power as an activity as any perceived herb in the tea.

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If you d like to give chamomile tea a try, the best effects are typically found by sipping a cup of the tea a half hour to an hour before you intend to go to bed. In addition to trying the tea:

Try shutting yourself free of distractions and stimulators at about the same time.

Turn of the television.

Minimize your interactions with others.

Avoid other things that lead to a state that isn t conducive to sleep.

Reading a book can be an excellent way to stir up the sleep hormones.

Some people recommend sitting and reflecting on the day, but for those not living the life they wish they were, this can lead to more stress than just about anything else you can do. Use this time to forget about the day, not dwell on it.

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