Geriatric Massage Benefits And Precautions

Posted by on September 18, 2019

By Terry Small

Geriatric massage is an ideal form of massage therapy for the elderly. It uses various massage techniques done in gentle strokes on the different parts of the body. Most of the massage strokes used are conducted in a Swedish massage. Pressure applied during massage therapy is monitored and controlled to avoid injuries.

This type of therapy is similar to any common massage therapy as it mostly uses basic yet effective massage strokes. Most of the massage strokes used are gliding hand motions which use light pressure. The therapists wise judgment on how many repetitions should be done plays an important role on the safety and effectiveness of the therapy. Some of the patients get exhausted much quicker than the other so there is no standard number of repetitions per massage technique.

The therapy however varies from patient to patient as it is adjusted depending on the needs and condition of the client. It is also strict in following the 30 minutes duration for a therapy as longer sessions can exhaust the elderly. Positions during the therapy are either side-lying or semi-reclined. The patient must be in his or her most comfortable position before the therapy begins.

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Geriatric massage benefits are the removal of body pain due to the tightening of muscle tissues. Joints and limb flexibility can also be enjoyed after sessions of this therapy. Elderly massage therapy also helps in speeding up the healing process from injury or illness. It improves the deep breathing of the patient. Blood and oxygen circulation within the body is also improved with regular sessions of this therapy. Mental and physical relaxation is also achieved as the body enters a soothing experience with this relaxing treatment for seniors. Improvement of the lymphatic flow enhances the disposal of toxins and other wastes from within the body. Geriatric massage is also effective in treating emotional problems due to stress such as anxiety, loneliness, and depression. This technique also gives benefits to the body by healing muscle pain, headaches, and other types of body pain. Sleep is also improved when the elderly adds this therapy on his or her medical care. Although this therapy may seem to have many benefits up its sleeve, be on the lookout for its precautions in order to get only the best out of it.

Massage therapist who specializes in geriatric massage therapy are trained to spot conditions that are not allowed to be treated with this type of therapy. Here are some of the precautions on having an elderly massage therapy:

Swollen or bruised areas of the body should never be massaged as it will only aggravate the condition. Instead, medicines or ice should be used to lessen the inflammation.

Patients with fragile or damaged bones should stay away from this therapy as it will bring more harm than benefits. Certain kinds of cancers in elderly patients are also not allowed to be treated with geriatric massage.

Consulting or getting checked by your doctor should be the first step before opting on having an alternative medical care.

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