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Ask A Periodontist: Dental Problems Associated With Oral (Tongue And Lip) Piercings

Wednesday, May 8th, 2019

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Submitted by: Karl A. Smith, DDS, MS

Oral piercings of the tongue and lip in order to wear jewelry have become quite popular during the past 10 or 15 years, but wearing of tongue studs or lip rings and other ornaments attached to the mouth area can pose dental problems. Knowing what kinds of problems to anticipate and how to avoid the various types of dental trouble associated with tongue piercings and other kinds of oral piercings can help you maintain better health or make more informed decisions before choosing a particular type of piercing or jewelry.

Most people think in terms of the pierced area of the lip or the tongue when asked about how piercings might have a bad impact on oral health, but they do not realize that there is another problem that is usually even more prevalent. That s because one of the biggest risks to dental health involving piercings and wearing of jewelry like bars, studs, and rinks is that the jewelry itself can tap against a tooth and weaken or break it. Having a chunk of metal constantly rubbing, bumping, or colliding with a tooth can have an acute impact such as a sudden chip, crack, or break. Or it can have a more long-term and insidious kind of effect on the tooth, gradually wearing away at the surface of the enamel until the tooth is so weak it caves in, decays, or fractures.

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That is when the real trouble starts, because as soon as the hard outer layer of the tooth in other words, the protective exterior shield and enamel that guards the inner core of each tooth is penetrated or cracked, your dental health defenses are compromised. Beyond that hard surface is sensitive pulpy tissue, blood vessels, and nerves. Once they are even exposed to something as benign as air and saliva they can start to hurt, swell, and cause discomfort. But what typically happens is that those tender areas inside the tooth get attacked by toxic bacteria. The bacteria creates an infection, and along with the infection comes fever, swelling, inflammation of tissue, and the terrific pain of having a nerve surrounded by diseased pulp. Since the blood supply to the tooth is located in that same area, the disease can travel along the blood vessels and spread quickly to adjacent areas such as the jaw. Root canal surgery which is a serious dental procedure that is both expensive and uncomfortable is just one of the many outcomes of having the protective layer of the tooth damaged by tongue or lip jewelry.

To avoid those kinds of issues, tongue and lip jewelry should be positioned and worn in such a way that they cannot bump against the teeth. During normal use the jewelry should never contact the teeth or interfere with the bite. To ensure that this is the case, it is recommended that only smaller pieces of jewelry be worn. Lip jewelry should not be able to rotate around inside the lip, where it could come in contact with the teeth and gums and cause abrasive action, tearing or cutting of tissue, or chipping and cracking of tooth enamel.

Always use surgical grade stainless steel, titanium, 14-karat gold or other appropriate types of jewelry to avoid problems associated with lesser quality metals. Keep the teeth and gums properly cleaned and maintained and make sure to schedule routine visits to your dentist so that he or she can keep an eye on your oral health and make sure that oral ornamentation does not compromise dental health.

About the Author: Dr. Karl Smith has been in dental practice for over twenty-seven years. His specialties are

periodontics, dental anesthesia and implants

. People come from near and far to experience the comfort and professionalism of his office and patient-oriented staff.


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Tips On Dental Health Care

Sunday, February 3rd, 2019


Individuals looking to improve their appearances may seek the services of dentists who are dental specialists to provide dental implant services. The services provided when it comes to dental implants involve the placement of a root devise made of Titanium to offer support restorations that resemble a tooth or teeth in replacement of the lost. Dental implants are usually done from the root and not anywhere else since the concept is to ensure it appears similar to the actual lost tooth.

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The services of Dental Implants Dentists in LaGrange KY are offered on appointment to clients who may need replacement of tooth or teeth due to various reasons. Qualified dental technicians portray great levels of commitment when it comes to offering their patients the latest in service combined with the latest in technology in the dental industry.

Dental care is ensured by the provision of the best as well as advanced oral care services which are technologically proven to carter to dental complications. Legally established institutions to offer dental implant services to residents have ensured maintenance of reliability and safety standards to avoid colliding with authorities. Dentures have for decades offered convenience to much of the elderly population by improving their appearances. Individuals may also require complete set of removable artificial teeth when they get into accidents and lose their teeth. Limitless selection of choices to take in the dental industry necessitates the engagement of services of professionals.

Top ranked dental specialists in LaGrange are able to help in situations requiring implants and dentures’; being accessible to clients has enabled the popularity of the procedure. The doctors and staff at the various dental organizations have continued to pledge on effective service provision to those seeking their assistance due to the levels of awareness they create. Considered as a classification of dental cosmetics, dental implants and dentures have restored the confidence levels that people may have been deprived due to several reasons.

Emphasizing on brightening the smiles and improvement of appearance has made many to consult these services. Dental specialists in LaGrange KY take only a few minutes of your time in fitting dental implants and dentures but it goes a long way in ensuring you maintain confidence for long periods as the devices are durable.

Choosing Porcelain Veneers In Lubbock

Tuesday, July 10th, 2018


Porcelain veneers in Lubbock present you with an effective treatment choice in which your dentist utilizes to repair misshapen or damaged teeth. These devices are a great option to provide a permanent fix. Through your preferred dentist you can receive this tooth restoration choice. Your dentist can utilize this option to repair significant damage caused by decay or sudden breaks. To learn more about veneers and other restoration services contact the dental office of Jay C. Adkins today.

Choosing an Effective Treatment Option

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Through dental treatment options your dentist can repair any damage sustained in an accident or due to tooth decay. Among the most popular cosmetic options for this purpose are veneers. These treatment selections allow you dentist to fix misshapen teeth and present a more aesthetically pleasing smile. Your dentist will discuss these options with you to determine whether they are the most effective option for you. You may schedule a consultation at any time to discuss these options and more with your selected dentist.

Local Dentist

Adkins, Jay C. DDS is a full-service dentist who provides general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry. This dentist presents patients with a multitude of choices to promote proper oral care. These services ensure that you maintain healthy teeth and gums. This includes routine cleanings and evaluations to determine whether damaging conditions exist. The dentist will explain treatment option to you and allow you to make a well-informed decision about your oral care. If you require dental treatment today or just wish to discuss your options with a dentist, contact Jay C. Adkins DDS today.


Porcelain veneers in Lubbock are available to any patient who requires extensive repairs due to damage or decay. This treatment option also presents you with the option to reshape your teeth to make them more aesthetically pleasing. Your dentist can install veneers within a short time period and ensure quality of service. Veneers are available in brand name options as well as traditional selections that will improve the look of your smile. To determine whether veneers are right for you contact the dental office of Jay C. Adkins immediately.

Looking For Gum Disease Treatments Richmond}

Tuesday, December 19th, 2017

Submitted by: Laura Waltz

Looking for gum disease treatments Richmond? Or even for bone grafting Richmond? No need to go far. Just nearby, Smile Studios has a certified NHS dentist in Heston as well as dentists Palmer Green.

Gum disease is a relatively common condition. It can affect anyone at any given point in time. At its early, mildest stage, it is called gingivitis. It is a non-serious gum disease characterised by red, swollen and tender gums that usually bleed when brushing the teeth. Often, gingivitis is also accompanied by chronic bad breath. Gingivitis comes about when plaque is allowed to build up sufficiently in the mouth. When this happens, the gums become irritated, then sore. Plaque, a sticky, colourless film of bacteria, food debris and saliva, can not only irritate the gums. It can cause tooth decay as well.

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Gingivitis, if left untreated, can progress to become periodontitis, a more advance stage of the disease. Here pockets form between the teeth and within the inner layer of the gums. As these pockets grow progressively deeper, they allow accumulation of even more plaque. Eventually they destroy gum tissues and bone. They also loosen the teeth. Gum disease, if neglected, can also lead to complications like acute necrotising ulcerative gingivitis (ANUG), a condition marked by ulcerations between adjacent teeth. Unless treated, ANUG can completely destroy gum tissues. In rare cases, it can even lead to gangrene in the cheeks and lips. So for early gum disease treatments Richmond, why not have a checkup at Smile Studios NHS dentist in Heston or its dentists Palmer Green.

Plaque, the primary cause of gum disease, is relatively easy to remove. Good oral hygiene can prevent, even treat mild gingivitis. Brushing the teeth using fluoride toothpaste for at least two minutes at least twice a day, flossing the teeth and cleaning the tongue, visiting the dentist at least every year for checkups and getting regular professional dental cleaning will usually suffice to keep you free from gum disease. During a professional cleaning session, your dentist will routinely scrape of the plaque and tartar, which is plaque that has already hardened, from above and below each tooths gum line. In certain cases, if your dentist finds that you have too much accumulated tartar below the gum line, you may be asked to undergo scaling and planning procedures. This is done under local anesthesia and involves a deeper cleaning of the gums to completely remove bacteria from the roots of the teeth.

Periodontal disease at its advance stages may already necessitate surgical treatment. For instance, the Smile Studios NHS dentist in Heston or its dentists Palmer Green can provide surgical remedies that can help regenerate bone and tissue destroyed by bacteria. First, we make sure that the affected area is completely free of bacteria, then we make bone or soft tissue grafts and/or introduce tissue-stimulating proteins to help regenerate the damaged structures. We do soft tissue and bone grafting Richmond as well as cosmetic or restorative surgery to repair any disfigurement that may have been left behind by gum disease complications. We can provide flap surgery or pocket reduction surgery for those who have been afflicted by severe periodontitis. These procedures will not only improve the appearance of their smile by reducing the pockets or the space between tooth and gum, it will also decrease their risk of gum disease recurrence.

About the Author: For more information about Gum Disease Treatments Richmond, NHS Dentist in Heston, Bone Grafting Richmond and Dentists Palmers Green please visit our website


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Visit A Cosmetic Dentist For Pre Wedding Dental Work Before Your Big Day}

Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

Visit A Cosmetic Dentist For Pre-Wedding Dental Work Before Your Big Day


Christine OKelly

For most people, your wedding is one of the most important days in your life. There are only a few occasions in life with memories that last longer than the bride and groom’s memories of their wedding day. While a bride’s dress, makeup, hair, and skin play a role in creating a perfect, graceful, and elegant presentation for the day, a stained or missing tooth can disrupt this beautiful impression.

When immortalized in wedding pictures, imperfections in a bride or groom’s smile will literally last for a lifetime. Fortunately, new techniques available from a cosmetic dentist can improve your smile fast. This article details some of the techniques used to get you picture perfect for your big day.

Dental Cleaning

Many times, a basic cleaning is the perfect solution to touch-up minor imperfections. Plaque builds up with the daily wear and tear sustained by our teeth, causing tooth decay to set in. Visiting your dentist for a cleaning will guarantee a plaque-free smile and can also help get rid of bad breath.

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Teeth Whitening

With age, teeth become naturally discolored and stained, especially if you’re a coffee or tea drinker because this causes stains to appear quicker. In color photographs, stains can stand out and attract negative attention. Even in black and white photographs, imperfections and discolor can appear stark in contrast to the bride’s beautiful white wedding dress. There are few dental procedures that can deliver as dazzling a smile as tooth whitening can.

Porcelain Veneers

By both nature and accident, teeth can become discolored, chipped, or oddly shaped. While people may not normally notice, these problems can stand out on your wedding day. The bride is the center of attention during the ceremony and during the reception. A chipped tooth, gaps between teeth, and other dental problems are easily noticed, especially when the bride looks perfect in every other way. Porcelain veneers can quickly solve these problems in as little as two visits to your cosmetic dentist. This is a permanent solution that will eliminate inconsistencies and dramatically improve the look of your smile.

Crowns And Bridges

When a porcelain veneer just won’t do the job, your dentist may recommend a crown or bridge. The placing of these is a little more complicated than placing a porcelain veneer and it requires more time, so make sure you allow plenty of time to complete these treatments that will improve your missing or cracked tooth.


Especially with tooth overcrowding, teeth can move or spread out over time. Jaw misalignment can cause crooked teeth and spacing issues. A cosmetic dentist can resolve these problems by placing braces on your teeth. Today, clear and tooth colored braces are available in addition to the traditional silver metal braces. However, keep in mind that braces take time to work, several months to several years depending on the severity of the misalignment.

Looking Perfect For Your Wedding Day

You can do plenty to repair any imperfections in your smile before your big day. Some problems, like discoloring and stains are easy and quick for your dentist to fix. Porcelain veneers can repair small chips and malformed teeth. Crowns and bridges can correct more severe flaws. Braces take time, but they can give you a gorgeous smile. Ask your Detroit cosmetic dentist, or anywhere, about the options available that can help you have the smile of your dreams on your most special of days.

Christine O’Kelly writes professional dentistry articles for the Southfield Family Dental Center, a

Detroit cosmetic dentist

. Invisalign, tooth whitening, implants, bridges, and root canal therapy are specialties of this

dentist. Detroit

has been this dental group’s home for over 20 years.

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Cost Of Dental Implants}

Wednesday, November 1st, 2017

Cost of Dental Implants


smith jhon

The cost of dental implants depends on a whole host of factors. Dental implants are very popular because they help to restore damaged and missing teeth and set the overall facial structure right. Implants, in fact, can truly improve your smile and overall appearance.

Implants perform the same functions as natural teeth. Also, once they are administered, dental implants cause virtually no problems at all. In other words, you will be able to live your life very comfortably. Thanks to rapid advances in dentistry, it”s become easier to obtain dental implants at a very affordable price.

There is no set cost for implants; as mentioned earlier, the cost of dental implants depends on a number of factors. Take a look at some of these factors:

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The first and most basic factor that needs to be considered is the number of implants that have to be administered. Apart from this, costs will vary from situation to situation. For instance, the patient”s tooth or teeth might be intact but the roots may be absent. In this case, the implants will be placed to support the existing tooth or teeth.

Next up, you might face a situation where the tooth or teeth are missing along with the root. In this scenario, you will have to get the implant inserted into the jaw, get artificial tooth or teeth created and get a dental crown or crowns fixed.

If you want to go for dental implants, your dentist will first assess whether you are eligible for them or not. He”ll consider factors like the condition of your general health, your age, your medical history and the state of your oral health. If you are eligible, he will give you the estimated costs and time required for treatment. In other words, there”s no fixed price list you can look at for dental implants.

All said and done, dental implants are the most effective replacements for missing teeth. You can compare the prices of dental implants and other tooth replacement options. There”s no doubt that the cost of dental implants will be less than the other options. For instance, if you go for dental bridges or artificial dentures, you will have to get them replaced after a certain time period.

On the other hand, dental implants” durability is such that they have the potential to last even longer than natural teeth. This means, once you get them administered and take good care of them, you don”t have to worry about getting them replaced. You will also not have to worry about issues like gum soreness and constant adjustments which are common occurrences in the other tooth replacement options.

Dr. Amarik Singh is a well known Periodontics & Implantologist working in IL and is an expert when it comes to

dental implants

, tooth implants,

Periodontal Implants

surgery and

dentures implants Oak Brook Illinois

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Tooth Reshaping Simple, Subtle &Amp; Effective}

Sunday, October 1st, 2017

Submitted by: James Wagner

Tooth reshaping, or dental contouring, is a quick and easy solution for minor problems such as crooked, chipped or overlapping teeth. Because it is performed in a single session to the cosmetic dentist, many patients prefer dental contouring to other more complicated procedures.

Cosmetic dentists shave small areas of the tooths enamel away and use tooth-coloured laminate to reshape the tooth. The results can be dramatic and the rewards instant; after just one visit, patients leave feeling more confident and comfortable with their straighter, even smile.

Are You a Good Candidate for Dental Contouring?

If you have any of the following issues, you may be a good candidate for tooth reshaping:

– Pitted or grooved tooth enamel

– Chipped or fractured teeth

– Overlapping or crowded teeth

– Teeth of uneven lengths or sizes

– Crooked teeth that turn in or out

Your cosmetic dentist will perform a consultation examination to determine whether or not dental contouring is the best choice for you. This treatment does require that your natural teeth are healthy and strong because the laminate material needs a solid tooth to bond to. There must also be enough enamel left after the procedure to protect the teeth from chipping and breakage. If several teeth are issues for you, your cosmetic dentist may recommend contouring for some and veneers or crowns for others. These treatments can be used together to restore your smile.

Preparing for Tooth Reshaping

Your cosmetic dentists goal is to remove only a few millimeters of your existing tooth enamel, to keep the natural tooth strong and healthy. They will use x-rays and other imagery to determine the amount of pulp in each tooth and to ensure that the jaw bone is strong enough to support it.

Many cosmetic dentists use special computer software and programs to show patients what they plan to do and how the smile will look once the work is complete. If any part of the procedure is unclear, ask your cosmetic dentist to explain it to you in detail so you are completely comfortable with the procedure.

Your cosmetic dentist may recommend other treatments before they do the tooth reshaping. For example, they may ask you to undergo laser teeth whitening prior to the treatment. This will bring all of your teeth to a beautiful white standard, making the dental contouring results even more rewarding.

Once your cosmetic dentist has planned your treatment, they will use a pencil to draw on your teeth. Once they have mapped out their plan, the fun begins!

What Can I Expect From Dental Contouring?

While many people are uncomfortable with dental work in general, dental contouring is relatively pain-free and usually does not require the use of anaesthetic. It is a great choice for those seeking instant results without recovery time.

The cosmetic dentist may use a laser or sanding drill to buff out cracks and other imperfections. They gradually remove small sections of enamel to even out the teeth. Abrasive strips are passed between the teeth to even out the spaces between teeth. A laminate material is adhered to the natural teeth is areas that need to be built out to create an even, naturally shaped tooth. Once the reshaping is complete, the teeth are smoothed and polished.

Dental contouring is one of the least expensive cosmetic dentistry treatment options available. The cost will depend on the amount of reshaping needed, the expertise of the dentist performing the work and the type of technology they use. An experienced cosmetic dentist is able to give you an accurate price before doing the work and should also be able to show you graphics of the work they will do and the results you can expect.

Dental Contouring Sounds Like the Perfect Solution!

Tooth reshaping is simple, painless, fast and inexpensive. The results are instantaneous. However, the treatment is not for everyone.

Those with deep cracks, decay or large chips may not be good candidates for dental contouring. Be wary of a cosmetic dentist who would perform this treatment on that type of patient. They risk removing too much enamel, which can lead to extensive damage to the tooth later on. A lack of enamel makes it easier for decay to occur and contributes to easy breakage.

Patients who grind their teeth should look at other options as well. Tooth reshaping can leave the enamel thinner and weaker, which is compounded by tooth grinding. It can also wear away the laminate material bonded to the tooth.

Dental contouring can make a dramatic difference in the quality of your smile. However, it is often just one step in a total smile makeover. If you cannot afford to have all of your procedures performed together, consider dental contouring a great first step and one that can improve your smile enough to give you your self-confidence back until the time is right for veneers, crowns or implants.

If dental contouring sounds like the simple, affordable solution for your crooked, chipped or otherwise damaged teeth, discuss it with your cosmetic dentist. Be prepared to step up your oral hygiene and care program to protect your investment and keep your smile even after the procedure.

About the Author: James Wagner is a freelance writer and medical researcher.You can find more information


on teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry and general dental care.


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