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Time Warner/Comcast bid to snap up Adelphia cable service

Time Warner/Comcast bid to snap up Adelphia cable service

Posted by VZWk94v8 on July 5, 2019

April 9, 2005

A bid topping $17.7 billion was jointly proffered by Time Warner Inc. and Comcast Corporation on Thursday to buy beleaguered Adelphia Communications Corporation in an industry consolidation move. Adelphia is the fifth largest cable service provider in the United States with nearly 5 million subscribers.

The market-share grabbing bid trumps the previous Cablevision offer of $16.5 billion. The bid is under scrutiny by the presiding judge over the Adelphia’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, and must also be approved by the company’s creditors owed in the range of $20 million.

The acquisition race to gain dominance in the cable service provider market is driven by the high cost of installation and maintenance of cable lines. Fiber optic networks deliver traditional entertainment programming over a cable wire and is becoming increasingly popular for broadband internet content. The growing trust and recognition of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) suggests phone service subscribers will eventually migrate to cable voice communication as opposed to keeping with traditional copper land lines. Telephone company operators are scrambling to keep up.

The largest percentage of the bid would be put up by Time Warner (TW), who could gain by getting subscribers from the valuable Los Angeles market currently owned by Comcast and Adelphia. TW can also simultaneously divest itself of a stake owned by Comcast in TW by making a tax-free swap using some of the newly garnered Adelphia subscribers.

While the consolidation would likely get a look by the government with an eye towards a growing monopoly in the market, it would doubtfully be blocked considering the existence of competing technologies. Competition exists in the form of still numerous television by airwaves usage, satellite providers, radio content companies, and telecom providers.

Adelphia suffered a corporate scandal in 1992 with similarities to the WorldCom fall. Members of the Rigas family, founders of the company, were alleged to have siphoned off millions of dollars and hidden $2.3 billion leading to the bankruptcy filing. John Rigas and son Timothy were convicted July of 2004 and await sentencing.

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Man banned from keeping animals after forcing cat to inhale cannabis

Man banned from keeping animals after forcing cat to inhale cannabis

Posted by VZWk94v8 on July 5, 2019

Friday, September 11, 2009

A 19 year old from South Tyneside, England has been banned from looking after animals after stealing a cat and forcing it to inhale cannabis.

Mark Kane, from South Shields, England, was banned from looking after animals for 10 years after causing “unnecessary suffering” to a tabby cat in January 2009. Kane was originally sentenced to three months in jail which was suspended two years. Kane also has to pay £100 (US$167) in fines.

Kane had stolen the cat from a friend of his girlfriend. A mobile phone camera recorded the incident and showed Kane putting the cat into a bag, inhaling some cannabis and blowing it into the bag. He then swung the bag around his head in a similar fashion to a lasso. The cat survived the attack but it ran off afterwards and has yet to have been found. During the video Kane is quoted as saying “This cat is getting stoned off its head” and “Get it stoned to fuck”.

This was a vile offence.

Kane was prosecuted by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in a court in South Shields. He was found guilty and sentenced to twelve weeks in prison, two years suspension and a ten year ban from looking after animals as well as being ordered to pay £100 costs. In a previous court hearing, Kane had also admitted two counts of cruelty to animals.

Chairman of the Bench Ken Buck said, “We do think the charges of animal cruelty are appalling in nature and caused real stress and unnecessary suffering to a domestic pet which was in your care.” Clive McKeag, who was prosecuting Kane on behalf of the RSPCA described the attack as “sadistic and wicked” and stated: “This was a vile offence.”

In regards to the case, RSPCA inspector Claire Hunt said, “He thought it was a funny thing to do to a defenseless animal.” Claire also stated that she was happy with Kane’s sentencing saying, “It deters people from doing the same thing.”

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Hillary Clinton’s song contest reaches final round

Hillary Clinton’s song contest reaches final round

Posted by VZWk94v8 on July 1, 2019

Friday, June 1, 2007

U.S. Democratic Party presidential candidate Senator Hillary Clinton has been asking webizens to vote on her official campaign song. Campaign Manager Patti Solis Doyle sent an email today to previous voters, urging them to choose a song in the second and final round of voting.

Clinton, as many of the other candidates, have been using “Web 2.0” applications like YouTube, Flickr, MySpace, Facebook, and blogs to try and engage young voters.

The top five songs in Round One were “Suddenly I See” by KT Tunstall, “Rock This Country!” by Shania Twain, “Beautiful Day” by U2, “Get Ready” by The Temptations, and “I’m a Believer” by Smash Mouth. Five top write-ins were also added to the list of round 2 nominees: “Are You Gonna Go My Way” by Lenny Kravitz, “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now” by McFadden & Whitehead, “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” by The Police, “You and I” by Celine Dion, and “The Best” by Tina Turner.

Many of the nominated songs are from international artists; Tunstall is Scottish, Twain is Canadian, and U2 are Irish.

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Chamomile Tea As A Sleep Aid

Posted by VZWk94v8 on June 25, 2019

Submitted by: Richard Smart

There is no feeling quite like putting an end to a long day by crawling under the cool sheets of your bed and closing your eyes against the labors of the world. For many, the hours in bed can be the only time they are truly able to be alone and at peace with themselves. Of course, there can be few things as frustrating as having that peaceful sleep time interfered with. Sometimes, you may have no idea why your sleep is not coming and no idea of what to do about it. You are leery of prescription and over the counter sleep aids because of their side effects, which many times can be drastic and unpleasant. All you want is a return to a normal sleep schedule and to wake up in the morning refreshed and ready to go. In the efforts of achieving this return to normalcy, you may wish to give thought to chamomile tea. It is purely natural and studies have shown it can be a tremendous aid to those missing their sleep.

A typical day in many a working adult can come with a big helping of stress, compounded with overindulgence in caffeine. If you find you can t get through the day without coffee and/or soda, chamomile tea could be the perfect counterbalance to settle your nerves before you climb into bed. Chamomile tea has been shown to work as a depressant, thus bringing your nerves down to a manageable level before trying to close your eyes and get the forty winks you ve worked so hard for. In addition to the effects on the nervous system, all of this caffeine can wreak havoc on your digestive system, leading to an upset stomach at night, particularly when lying down. Chamomile tea can again serve as an aid. Chamomile has properties known to settle the stomach, as well as settle the nerves.

There is some amount of dissent in the scientific community as to whether chamomile provides the effects it has long claimed to. While the jury may be out on the exact properties and their exact effects, it can t hurt to give it a try. Chamomile s effects are very popular anecdotally, and there are few if any reports of any adverse effects. Something can also be said for the placebo effect. Perhaps sitting with a warm cup of tea and taking the time to relax and focus on settling yourself for sleep has just as much power as an activity as any perceived herb in the tea.

YouTube Preview Image

If you d like to give chamomile tea a try, the best effects are typically found by sipping a cup of the tea a half hour to an hour before you intend to go to bed. In addition to trying the tea:

Try shutting yourself free of distractions and stimulators at about the same time.

Turn of the television.

Minimize your interactions with others.

Avoid other things that lead to a state that isn t conducive to sleep.

Reading a book can be an excellent way to stir up the sleep hormones.

Some people recommend sitting and reflecting on the day, but for those not living the life they wish they were, this can lead to more stress than just about anything else you can do. Use this time to forget about the day, not dwell on it.

About the Author: Richard Smart writes for Natural Health Products, Inc and online natural health company which provides a very effective

sleep aid



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Reflections, Lichtenstein, two new exhibitions at Edinburgh’s Modern One

Reflections, Lichtenstein, two new exhibitions at Edinburgh’s Modern One

Posted by VZWk94v8 on June 21, 2019

Saturday, March 14, 2015

This weekend saw the opening of two new exhibitions at Edinburgh’s National Gallery of Modern Art. Wikinews attended Thursday’s press preview for the event where a full contingent of the capital’s press turned out to see the striking collection of paintings, photographs, and other works. Presented below are a selection of images captured at the preview.

REFLECTIONS: A Series of Changing Displays of Contemporary Art, billed as a showcase of a “diverse range of internationally-renowned contemporary and modern artists” is to display major works from the Gallery’s permanent collection, alongside important loans. Alongside this broad range of works, a three-room display of pieces on-loan from the Roy Lichtenstein Foundation — with a dramatic painted steel relief, ‘borrowed’ from the Tate in London — runs from March 14 through to January 10 next year.

Admission to both exhibitions is free; being located in Dean, to the north-west of Edinburgh’s city centre, a free Gallery bus service is available.

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David S. Touretzky discusses Scientology, Anonymous and Tom Cruise

David S. Touretzky discusses Scientology, Anonymous and Tom Cruise

Posted by VZWk94v8 on June 20, 2019

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

David S. Touretzky, prominent free speech activist and critic of Scientology, discussed his opinions on the recent Internet backlash against the Church of Scientology in an interview with former Scientologist and Wikinews reporter Nicholas Turnbull. The recent conflict on the Internet between critics of Scientology and the Church has been spurred on in declarations by a nebulous Internet entity using the name Anonymous that the Church of Scientology “will be destroyed”. Anonymous has directed recent protests at Scientology centres across the world, which have attracted significant numbers of individuals supporting the cause. In recent e-mail correspondence with Wikinews, a representative of the Church of Scientology declared that the Church considers the activities of Anonymous to be illegal, and that Anonymous “will be handled and stopped”.

Touretzky, a research professor in artificial intelligence and computational neuroscience at Carnegie Mellon University, has been a prominent critic of the Church of Scientology since mid-1995, and has been protesting against Scientology vociferously since then; he has also run websites that publish material that Scientology wishes to keep suppressed from the public eye, such as extracts from Scientology’s formerly-confidential Operating Thetan (OT) materials. Touretzky views the actions of the Church of Scientology as being “a threat to free speech”, and has endured harassment by the Church of Scientology for his activities.

The Church of Scientology continues to suffer damage to its public reputation through increased exposure on the Internet and vocal protests by Scientology critics such as Prof. Touretzky. A recent event that focused intense attention on Scientology’s totalitarian attitude was the leak of an internal Church of Scientology propaganda video to the Internet video sharing site YouTube, in which celebrity Scientologist Tom Cruise spoke heavily in Scientology’s jargon and stated that that “we [Scientology] are the authorities” on resolving the difficulties of humanity. The declaration of war by Anonymous followed shortly after this leak, in the form of a video posted to the Internet.

The ongoing dispute, cast by some as Scientology versus the Internet, brought Scientology terms such as “SP” (Suppressive Person, an enemy of Scientology) and “KSW” (Keeping Scientology Working) into general usage by non-Scientologists from the late 1990s onwards; increased attention has been drawn to Scientology by the release of the Cruise video in addition to media coverage. This focus has caused an even greater propagation of these terms across the outside world, as Touretzky comments in the interview.

Wikinews asked Prof. Touretzky about the impact that the activities of Anonymous will have on Scientology, the public relations effect of the Tom Cruise video, the recent departure of individuals from the Church of Scientology’s executive management, the strategies that Anonymous will employ and Touretzky’s experiences of picketing the Church.

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Al Jazeera English news channel to go live today

Al Jazeera English news channel to go live today

Posted by VZWk94v8 on June 20, 2019

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Al Jazeera marks its tenth birthday by launching Al Jazeera English on cable, satellite, on broadband, IPTV, ADSL, terrestrial and mobile phone platforms in Western Europe, the Middle East, Australia, Malaysia and there will be a live stream to the one billion users of the Internet worldwide. Cable providers will take the signals to 40 million subscriber. This, claims Al Jazeera, is a unique event in terms of the scale of audience already available at the time of launch. Sky, a leading satellite broadcaster will distribute Al Jazeera English.

At the same time, Al Jazeera’s English website,, will have a new look and will provide live streams of the TV channel, RSS feeds, e-mail, newsletters and interactive discussion boards and will allow everyone to “express their opinion freely, encouraging debates, viewpoints and counter viewpoints”. Notably, is an unrelated website publishing inflammatory opinion articles about Middle East issues.

Al Jazeera claims to be impartial and says that its team of journalists “share a common set of attributes: objectivity, accuracy, and a passion for truth”. It is supported by the Emir of Qatar, Sheik Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani who enabled it to start up with a grant of $150M and it is said to receive $30m annually from him.

Nigel Parson, al-Jazeera International’s British managing director, said he intended to bring home to British viewers what was being done in their name. He would not hesitate to show dead soldiers in “long shots” and with “pixilated faces”, even before their next of kin had been told. The Telegraph reports reactions of two opposition defence spokesmen: “a promotion of brutality” and “grotesque” said a Tory and “banning such material could result in the public getting a sanitised, cleaned-up version of those realities” voiced by a Liberal Democrat. The Ministry of Defence is reported as saying that the public had a right to know what goes on in operational theatres, but expected media to report with “consideration of the welfare of service families”.

The London office has contributors from the BBC including Sir David Frost, Rageh Omaar and Darren Jordon, and from ITN, Shiulie Ghosh.

Al Jazeera is often criticised in the West. On one occasion its offices were bombed by the U.S., when on 13 November 2001, a U.S. missile hit Al Jazeera’s office in Kabul, Afghanistan. On 8 April 2003 a U.S. missile hit a generator near the Baghdad office and the subsequent fire killed a reporter. In Spain, Al Jazeera reporter Taysir Allouni was sentenced to seven years for being a financial courier for al-Qaeda. He claims that his only association with that group was an interview with bin Laden after 9/11.

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Make Improvements With Cosmetic Dentistry In Downers Grove

Posted by VZWk94v8 on June 20, 2019


Improving the way you look and feel is easier than you think. Start by improving the look of the teeth or gums for the next time someone gets close to your mouth. To start looking and feeling better, evaluate your options for cosmetic dentistry in Downers Grove. Know the reasons why so many people have invested their money and time in these procedures.

Improve the Way You Look

Once you get cosmetic dentistry, you will look better in the mouth area. You may get a procedure to bleach the teeth, straighten the teeth, bleach the gums, or replace missing teeth. With any procedure, you are guaranteed dramatic results with every smile. Feel less shy when going out, and feel better about shopping and dressing up.

YouTube Preview Image

Also, cosmetic surgery helps you practice better hygiene. First, spend more time maintaining the health of your teeth. Then, focus more on the importance of bathing properly and being clean. After many women get cosmetic surgery, they start visiting the spa more or spending more time in the shower.

Cosmetic dentistry is there to improve the whole body and not just the teeth. Anyone who wants to focus on the body as a whole is a good candidate for cosmetic procedures.

Improve the Way You Dress

Once you improve the teeth, improve the contents of your closet. Few people will want to wear bad clothes with new, good-looking teeth. Many people get cosmetic surgery and then feel a strong urge to improve their wardrobes. They feel the need to clear out their old life and create a new life right away.

Improve the Way You Feel

With a new and improved look, you are guaranteed to improve your attitude. You feel better about appearing in common situations, such as going to weddings or showing up to parties. You feel less inclined to be shy and blend into the background.

Cosmetic dentistry is necessary to make all of these improvements to your life. Nowadays, it is easy to locate the right cosmetic dentist where you live.

Choose the Right Type of Procedure

First, choose the part of the mouth that you want to improve the most. It could be the teeth or the gums where you want to remove imperfections. Know that cosmetic surgery is designed to improve the look, but general surgery is designed to improve the function.

As people get older, they dream of finding eternal youth and improving health. They consider getting cosmetic surgery but worry about the costs or risks. Although not all dental procedures are cheap, they are less invasive than other procedures like liposuction or rhinoplasty. Since the dentist is only working on your teeth and mouth area, the results are safe yet dramatic and effective.

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8th case of mad cow disease found in Canada

8th case of mad cow disease found in Canada

Posted by VZWk94v8 on June 18, 2019

Friday, August 25, 2006

An 8th case of mad cow disease was found in a cow in the province of Alberta. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency did a test and found BSE. The agency found no part of the beef cow’s carcass entered either the human or animal feed chains. The CFIA said that, “the cow could have likely lived another 6 months or so, but died of complications of mastitis”.

“The animal’s age is between eight and 10 years”, said the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

The CFIA also traced 172 animals would likely ate feed out of that load.

“The cow’s exposure to BSE likely occurred before or during the introduction of new feed regulations in 1997 prohibiting use of cattle parts susceptible to the disease in certain animal feeds”, A release said yesterday.

An investigation is already underway to find the animal’s birth farm and potential sources of contaminated feed.

The United States has delayed lifting a ban on older cattle imports from Canada, pending investigation.

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