Car crash enrages bees

Car crash enrages bees

Posted by VZWk94v8 on February 19, 2018

Friday, August 4, 2006

A 16 year old girl has crashed her car into a hollow tree stirring up the fury of a swarm of bees ten miles (16km) south of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Ten people including the girl received treatment at a hospital.

Jacqueline Cossairt’s SUV crashed into the tree after she lost control on a gravel road.

Despite hot summer temperatures, firefighters wore full safety gear including face mask and oxygen tanks as they tried to rescue her from the wreck. The bees were doused with foam and water.

“Those bees were mad,” said Volunteer Fire Chief Kent Gilbert, who was stung at least 50 times while trying to pull her from the wreckage. “I’ve never seen bees, especially honeybees, attack like that.”

“I’m not too swelled up,” Gilbert said. “As long as I’m standing upright, I feel OK, but if I bend down I get a headache. The back of my head is real tender where they stung me.”

Jacqueline was taken to Lutheran Hospital with broken legs and multiple bee stings.

A neighbour, a paramedic and seven firefighters were also hospitalized due to heat and bee stings.

Stan Grove, a biology professor at Goshen College, said that bees were most active during summer as they try to keep their hives cool by flapping their wings.

“They don’t like to be jostled,” said Grove.

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Apple introduces iPhone and Apple TV

Apple introduces iPhone and Apple TV

Posted by VZWk94v8 on February 19, 2018

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Apple Inc. today has introduced the much-anticipated iPhone at the Macworld Conference in San Francisco.

The iPhone is claimed to be “a revolutionary mobile phone” as stated on the Apple website. The device appears to be running a mobile version of the Apple operating system Mac OSX. It is approximately the same size as a 5th generation iPod, it has a 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen display that is used to access all features of the phone including number dial, as well as making phone calls. The iPhone plays music, movies, displays pictures and is able to connect to a wireless network.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the device by walking onto the stage and taking the iPhone out of his jeans pocket. During his 2 hour speech he stated that “Today Apple is going to reinvent the phone, We are going to make history today”.

Today Apple also released their Media Center device – Apple TV. It will directly compete with Microsoft’s Media Center operating system. Apple has taken a different approach to the media center market; rather than storing content (such as movies, music and photos) on the device, Apple TV connects to a computer (Mac and Windows) over a wirless network connection and plays all content stored on that computer. This makes it substantially easier for users to organize their media content.

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Mad Cow Disease

Posted by VZWk94v8 on February 18, 2018

Mad Cow Disease by Robert II SmithMad Cow disease is a disease that affects the brains and central nervous system of adult cattle. Its scientific name is Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE). It was first identified in the United Kingdom in 1985, however research shows that the first probable infections occurred during the 1970s. It is called Mad Cow disease because of the way it makes cattle act when theyve contracted it. They act crazy or mad. Being very destructive, foaming at the mouth, being very uncoordinated and falling all over themselves. BSE is not caused by a bacterial or viral infection, but rather is the result of infectious prions. Prions are a protein that does not fold properly. They bond with the cows brain cells altering their composition and leading to death. For reasons that are not understood, the normal prion protein changes into a pathogenic (harmful) form that then damages the central nervous system of cattle. Cattle are infected with Mad Cow disease when they eat infections proteins. These proteins were believed to come from feeding cattle meat and bone meal that contained scrapie infected sheep products. It was amplified when prion-infected bovine meat and bone meal were fed to young calves. Only cows that are genetically susceptible can be affected by Mad Cow disease. This disease did not originate in cattle. It is believed to have first originated in sheep through a similar disease called Scrapie. It has affected sheep in the United Kingdom since the mid-18th century. It is believed that through close contact the disease has learned to adapt and transfer the cattle. Since 1985 more than 180,000 cows have become infected in the Untied Kingdom. The British practice of processing central nervous tissue into the animal feed allowed the prions to spread rapidly through their herds. Since the British export feed and live animals all over the world the disease is spreading. In 1997 the US banned all products that could have prions from cattle feed or any other risky products from coming into the US. Since then only one animal out of 35 million slaughtered in the US has been infected. It can be visually recognized by a cow going down in it legs and unable to stand erect. Mad Cow disease can only affect people that eat the infected meat. Unfortunately there is no way to remove the disease from the meat that we eat. It can not be cooked out with massive amount of heat like so many other diseases. BSE is not transferable through any milk products deriving from cattle. Mad Cow disease can affect people in the form called Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease. This is believed to be formed from eating contaminated beef products from Mad Cow disease infected cattle. There have been 155 confirmed cases worldwide of people diagnosed with Creutzflet-Jacob disease. Deer and elk contract a similar disease called chronic wasting disease (CWD). They are affected the same way as cattle and sheep and contract it the same way. However there is no scientific evidence that it is related to Mad Cow disease. Mad Cow disease is a very real threat to our meat products however the US is doing everything in its power to stop the importation of infected meats and cattle. It is a disease that affects the brain and nervous system of cattle and can be closely related to Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in people and Chronic Wasting disease in deer and elk.Robert Smith was born in New York City in 1956. He has spent more than 12 years working as a professor of English at New York University. He is fond of giving writing tips for students. Now he spends most of his time with his family and shares his experience in critical essays and narrative essays.Article Source:

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The Green Party of Canada to elect new leader

The Green Party of Canada to elect new leader

Posted by VZWk94v8 on February 18, 2018

Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Green Party of Canada will elect a new leader today. The new leader will replace Jim Harris, who stepped down after holding the position since 2003.

The candidates are:

May and Chernushenko, have emerged as frontrunners of the leadership race.

“We draw pretty much equally from across the entire political spectrum,” Jim Harris told CBC News. “If you were a Progressive Conservative, as I was, where do you go? The Green party supports Kyoto. We were opposed to the war in Iraq and yet at the same time we’re fiscally responsible. This is something that’s attractive to people.”

The Green party didn’t get any member elected in the January 23 general election, but the party did get about 4.5 per cent of the vote, enough to secure $1 million a year in federal funding. Chernushenko, an environmental consultant in Ottawa, got the most votes of any Green candidate.

Most Green party members have already cast their ballots by mail for the next leader.

May says that “her national profile and background as an adviser to the environment minister during Conservative Brian Mulroney‘s government are important for getting more Canadians interested in the party”. May referred to tackling climate change, urging electoral reform and ending Canada’s military mission in Afghanistan.

“I don’t really understand yet what she stands for. It’s a lot of rhetoric,” Globe and Mail columnist Jane Taber told CTV Newsnet.

“We will elect MPs by continuing to gain the trust and confidence of Canadians, and by reaching out to Canadians outside of our traditional base of support,” said Chernushenko. Chernushenko said the party should parachute star candidates into key ridings.

“Chernushenko sees a need for government regulation but wants to involve the private sector a bit more, and that’s consistent with Jim Harris’s ideas,” said Jonathan Malloy, political science professor at Ottawa’s Carleton University.

Jim Fannon, who spoke casually to the audience about his talents as a mediator, capable of bridging political gaps between the Greens, Liberals, Conservatives and New Democrats. Chernushenko says though he may not always be able to “wow” a crowd, he remains a strong communicator and team player. “I can’t do the rah-rah motivational thing, like Jim (Harris) did an incredible job at, but I can go very deep on complex issues and explain them in plain language,” he said Friday.

Josh Matlow of Earth Roots said: “Elizabeth May is someone I would want to lock myself to a tree with; David Chernushenko is someone I would want to discuss policy with; and Jim Fannon is someone I would go for a beer with”.

Political analysts consider May, a veteran envirnomental activist but also a newcomer to the party, to be the strong favourite to win the race against party stalwart Chernushenko.

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Colleges offering admission to displaced New Orleans students/LA-ND

Colleges offering admission to displaced New Orleans students/LA-ND

Posted by VZWk94v8 on February 18, 2018

See the discussion page for instructions on adding schools to this list and for an alphabetically arranged listing of schools.

Due to the damage by Hurricane Katrina and subsequent flooding, a number of colleges and universities in the New Orleans metropolitan area will not be able to hold classes for the fall 2005 semester. It is estimated that 75,000 to 100,000 students have been displaced. [1]. In response, institutions across the United States and Canada are offering late registration for displaced students so that their academic progress is not unduly delayed. Some are offering free or reduced admission to displaced students. At some universities, especially state universities, this offer is limited to residents of the area.


  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Louisiana
  • 3 Maine
  • 4 Maryland
  • 5 Massachusetts
  • 6 Michigan
  • 7 Minnesota
  • 8 Mississippi
  • 9 Missouri
  • 10 Montana
  • 11 Nebraska
  • 12 Nevada
  • 13 New Hampshire
  • 14 New Jersey
  • 15 New Mexico
  • 16 New York
  • 17 North Carolina
  • 18 North Dakota

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United States: At least fifteen dead in Southern California after rain causes mudslides and floods

United States: At least fifteen dead in Southern California after rain causes mudslides and floods

Posted by VZWk94v8 on February 18, 2018

Thursday, January 11, 2018

On Tuesday, the first major rain storm of the year in Southern California led to flooding that has caused at least fifteen deaths, mainly in Santa Barbara County. The flooding was exacerbated by last month’s wildfires; particularly hard-hit was the wealthy community of Montecito, downstream of the site of the Thomas Fire, where at least six houses were destroyed. More than 160 people have been hospitalized, four in critical condition.

According to the United States National Weather Service, five and a half inches of rain has fallen over two days in parts of Ventura County, and more than four inches in parts of Santa Barbara County. In areas burned by the wildfires, ground cover that would have reduced runoff had been destroyed, and an impermeable layer of ash and burned soil had been created. As a result, torrents of mud ran downhill and inundated places such as Montecito. Mike Eliason, a spokesman for the Santa Barbara County Fire Department, said homes in the wealthy community had been “wiped away from their foundations” by mudflows, which also burst a gas main, leading to a fire that destroyed another building.

Sections of the 101 freeway were closed by flooding; a driver told television station KTLA that mud came “out of nowhere” and covered the highway in “about five seconds” and that he was glad he was still alive. James Cook, the Los Angeles correspondent for BBC News, reported that roads were being blocked by “boulders the size of small cars” which had tumbled down the hills. BBC also reported, 300 people had been trapped in Romero Canyon. Bill Brown, the Sheriff of Santa Barbara County, said at mid-afternoon that the number of deaths had reached thirteen and might rise. He described the flood-ravaged areas as looking “like a World War I battlefield” and said that emergency dispatchers had fielded some 600 calls between 3:00 and 6:00 am.

Emergency services including the Ventura County Aviation Unit were kept busy rescuing people. The Coast Guard sent aircraft to assist. Spokesmen reported fifty people had been rescued in each of Los Angeles and Santa Barbara Counties. Montecito resident, Berkeley Johnson, told the Santa Barbara Independent that he and his wife had taken refuge on the roof of their house but climbed came down when they heard a child crying. With a fireman’s help were able to dig out a two-year-old girl, who looked like a “muddy doll” according to Johnson.

Officials issued evacuation orders on Monday for thousands of people living in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and Ventura counties, but Montecito was under only voluntary evacuation. Some of the evacuation orders were lifted later on Tuesday as the rain became lighter.

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Designing A Dramatic Entrance Door

Posted by VZWk94v8 on February 18, 2018

By Alyssa Davis

The front entryway and door to your house is what provides people with their first impression about your home. There are some methods you can use to design an entryway and front entrance door that will make a dramatic statement and improve the overall look of your home from the outside.

The Entrance Door Size

YouTube Preview Image

The door you choose has a big impact on the appearance of the front entryway into your home. One method of creating a lot of drama is using an oversized door. Although this might take a bit of retrofitting if you are remodeling an existing home, a door that is taller than normal can add a lot of impact to the overall look. This can be especially effective if the home has a foyer area with a tall ceiling, or a grand light fixture hung high inside the entryway to the home. French double doors can also add a lot of style and appeal, again by being larger than your average front door.

Dramatic Colors

Instead of using lighter neutral shades, choose a darker and more dramatic accent color for the front door. Colors that can be extremely effective are burgundy and deep greens, as well as other dark and earthy colors. This is a good way of picking up accent colors from inside your home, as well as outside, and can help to accentuate architectural features both inside and outside your home. For instance, if you have greens in your living room area, choose a complementary color that is a shade or two darker for your front door, for additional emphasis. You can also create some drama by selecting a surprising or contrasting color for the front door. Or, add some color to your front door by choosing doors that feature stained glass, or etched glass areas.

Door Design

If you are shopping for a new front door, consider some of the new styles that include plenty of windows. Not only does this let a lot of light into your home, but it also can let some of your interior design, such as a dramatic entryway light fixture, become visible from outside. Some of these doors include a surrounding framework that is also designed with a lot of style, such as an arch shape with glass panes over the top of the doorframe. Wooden doors finished in rich shades are beautiful, or select from fiberglass door styles which are easy to care for, and provide good insulating properties. There are many door manufacturers that make fiberglass doors in styles that closely resemble the design features and patterns of wood doors.

Accessorizing the Front Door

In addition to the door itself, there are other things you can do to create a dramatic entryway into your home. Select impressive door hardware, and add a beautiful brass doorknocker. Beautiful brass hardware looks especially elegant when contrasted against dark colored doors. You can also increase the drama of your entryway by adding a tasteful wreath to the front door, or by adding some plantings or other types of landscaping to the area immediately surrounding the front door.

About the Author: regularly features articles by Alyssa Davis on decorating with large wall sculptures and butterfly metal wall hangings.


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Bodies of victims of Typhoon Fengshen appear on Philippine shores

Bodies of victims of Typhoon Fengshen appear on Philippine shores

Posted by VZWk94v8 on February 17, 2018

Thursday, June 26, 2008

As the National Disaster Coordinating Agency continues to evaluate the reports coming from regions all over the Philippines, bodies of those who drowned or perished while at sea have started to float into the shores of islands in Central Philippines. On Thursday, the Philippines Coast Guard reported that villagers recovered 124 bodies whose identities are still uncertain.

Advanced decomposition has made identification difficult for authorities and, fearing a health epidemic, all of the bodies were immediately buried in makeshift graves.

The identification of the victims has caused a stir among relatives looking for their missing family members, as forensic investigators were rendered helpless in proceeding to the scattered locations where bodies have been washing ashore.

Over 100 divers from the combined Philippines and United States naval forces have been working overtime to retrieve the bodies of passengers trapped inside the capsized MV Princess of the Stars.

Disaster management officials in the country announced that the dead from the weekend battering from Typhoon Fengshen could reach to a high of 1,300 people nation-wide. State officials reported that some 2.4 million Filipinos were affected by the disaster, putting property damage at a conservative estimate of $125 million.

Relatives of missing passengers were finally brought near the site where the ferry capsized. On board a tug boat, relatives became severely emotional after a Roman Catholic mass was celebrated to commemorate the memory of those lost at sea.

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FOX to produce new ‘Futurama’ episodes

FOX to produce new ‘Futurama’ episodes

Posted by VZWk94v8 on February 17, 2018

Friday, June 23, 2006

20th Century Fox will produce at least 13 new episodes of the animated series Futurama, scheduled to air on Comedy Central in 2008. Futurama, an animation from The Simpsons creator Matt Groening, was canceled by FOX in 2003.

Comedy Central has recently acquired the rights to the back catalogue of 72 Futurama episodes and any eventual new episodes.

“We are thrilled that Matt Groening and 20th Century Fox Television have decided to produce new episodes of ‘Futurama’ and that Comedy Central will be the first to air them,” announces Comedy Central senior vice president for programming David Bernath.

Voice actors Billy West (Fry, Professor Farnsworth), Katey Sagal (Leela) and John DiMaggio (Bender) are all contracted to return.

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Thousands of trapped miners rescued in South Africa

Thousands of trapped miners rescued in South Africa

Posted by VZWk94v8 on February 17, 2018

Thursday, October 4, 2007

As many as 3,200 mine workers became trapped in the in Elandsrand mine, a gold mine in South Africa about 50 miles (80 km) west of Johannesburg in Carletonville, Gauteng, after an incident on October 3. All miners have been rescued, and none of them were injured. The mine is owned by Harmony Gold Mining Corporation.

The mining company says that a lift electrical cable broke on a basket that was carrying miners, trapping thousands at least 2,200 meters (1.3 miles) below the earth’s surface. Reports from MSNBC and the Guardian Unlimited say that the shaft may have collapsed when a water or air pipe burst. The rescue operation went well with no complications, with the rescue taking just under 24 hours to complete.

“They were underground when the accident happened and they were not able to surface because an electric feeder cable that is connected to the mine lift was severed,” said a spokeswoman for the mining company, Amelia Soares. The snap was caused by a “fatigued” air pipe which burst and fell down the shaft damaging the “steelwork and electrical feeder cords,” added Soares. “They are all in good condition.”

“They are all safe. There have been no injuries or deaths,” said CEO of Harmony mining, Graham Briggs who also said that the miners were previously contacted and were given “food and water.”

Earlier reports had stated that Lesiba Seshoka, a spokesman with the National Union of Mineworkers, said that the miners have not been heard from for hours and that they could have been enduring temperatures as high as 105 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius).

“This is a terrible situation. The only exit is blocked, probably by a fall of ground,” said Seshoka.

Rescue workers used a mine shaft that is next to the damaged one in an attempt to reach the trapped miners, and lifted them out, 75 at a time. There was no emergency exit in the shaft which is reported to have “not been maintained for ages,” added Seshoka.

“An escape route is the most important thing and they have failed miserably. They need to ensure that the shaft is maintained. This is why we have this disaster. Our main worry is for more than 3,000 people who are underground,” said National Union of Mineworkers for S. Africa chairman, Deon Boqwana.

Current reports say that “negligence” was the initial cause for the pipe burst and that there has been a history of negligence from the mine. “We suspect negligence. Because of continuous operations there is no time to make adequate checks,” said the President of the Miners union, Senzeni Zokwana to reporters during a news conference.

The Elsrand mine is currently under development and has been since February 2001 when Harmony bought the mine. Officials state that the mine will remain closed for a minimum of six weeks, while an investigation is performed, and the mine is deemed safe for miners to continue working in it.

The mine is located in the Witwatersrand Basin of South Africa, which is said to be the location of the largest area of raw gold on the planet.

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