Man cuts off his own penis in UK restaurant

Man cuts off his own penis in UK restaurant

Posted by VZWk94v8 on November 17, 2018

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

An unnamed Polish man, 35, is being treated at a hospital in London, England after he cut off his penis with a knife at Zizzi’s pizza restaurant on Strand Street in the city of Westminster.

“We were called at 9.00 p.m. on Sunday to a restaurant on the Strand to reports of a man in possession of a knife. Officers attended to discover a man believed to be 30-40 years old suffering from an injury. He was taken to a south London hospital in a stable condition. No one else was injured and his injuries are believed to be self inflicted,” said a Scotland Yard spokesperson.

Police had to use CS tear gas on the victim in order to subdue him to get him to the hospital to receive medical attention.

Witnesses say that the man came into the restaurant, picked a knife up off the floor of the kitchen and then got onto a table and cut off his penis.

“At around 9 p.m. on Sunday, a man walked into the Zizzi restaurant on The Strand, down the stairs to the basement restaurant area and tried to enter a kitchen. Members of staff stopped him, at which he ran into a second kitchen area. The man then picked up a kitchen knife and slashed himself across the wrist and groin areas before running back into the restaurant, where he continued to stab himself,” said a spokesperson for the restaurant.

Surgeons are attempting to reattach his organ in what doctors call the first time this kind of surgery has been performed in the UK. It is not yet known if the operation was successful.

“If it doesn’t take, then you would have to re-amputate it. Attaching the penis is a very long, complex and painstaking operation,” said Francis Chinegwundoh, a urologist at St Bartholomew’s Hospital which is located in London. Chinegwundoh also said that that the victim will not feel his penis and it will not be possible for him to maintain an erection unless he uses a special machine, even if the operation were a success.

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This is the category for graffiti.

Refresh this list to see the latest articles.

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  • 22 August 2011: Libya: Rebels edge closer to Tripoli
  • 26 May 2011: ‘George Davis is innocent – OK’: UK court partially vindicates campaign after 36 years
  • 17 April 2011: Syrian protests met with crackdown
  • 11 April 2011: Shiites protest against discrimination in Bahrain
  • 28 March 2011: Battle for Trafalgar Square, London as violence breaks out between demonstrators and riot police
  • 20 September 2010: Iconic London mural could be restored
  • 25 July 2010: Hong Kong teenager murders mother and sister

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How To Choose From The Best Birth Care Centers Beaumont, Tx Has To Offer

Posted by VZWk94v8 on November 16, 2018

byAlma Abell

There are many different birth care centers Beaumont, TX has to offer the expecting parents. However not all birth centers are uniquely suited to your specific needs. This is why it helps to find out how to choose from the available birth care centers Beaumont, TX has. Understanding the criteria to use to select the right birth care center will facilitate you and your family during this special and important time in your life.

Birth plan and flexibility

One of the best things to look for is a birth care center that offers birth plans that are flexible and customizable for each family. Some women prefer to labor standing up while others may have the idea of laboring in the water. It is important that a woman be supported during their pregnancy as she explores all of her preferences. The idea of having the ‘perfect birth’ is one that many midwifes discourage because birth can be unpredictable. However having a birth care plan will outline a woman’s preferences. At The center For Women’s Health & Birthcare, women can receive the birth plan flexibility they need.

Caring & Compassionate Staff

Caring and compassionate midwives make a pregnancy a beautiful experience for the mother, father, and child. When choosing a birthcare center, it is important to consider the past experiences of other patients. With a kind and compassionate staff, you can feel more at home, safer, and more confident knowing that you have an excellent support system by your side.

By keeping these points in mind, you can be well on your way to selecting the perfect birth care centers Beaumont, TX has to offer. With the right birth care center, your pregnancy will be cared for by professional midwives and doctors who have you and your family’s best interests at heart.

Center For Women’s Health & Birth Care offers outstanding care for women at all ages and stages of life. Visit them online for more information at

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Market maker Bernard L. Madoff arrested in $50B ‘giant Ponzi scheme’

Market maker Bernard L. Madoff arrested in $50B ‘giant Ponzi scheme’

Posted by VZWk94v8 on November 16, 2018

 Correction — January 10, 2009 This article incorrectly states that Mr Madoff attended Hofstra University Law School. His education was actually with Hofstra College, which he graduated from in 1960. 

Friday, December 12, 2008

Top broker and Wall Street adviser Bernard L. Madoff, aged 70, was arrested and charged by the FBI on Thursday with a single count of securities fraud, also known as stock fraud and investment fraud. He allegedly told senior employees of his firm on Wednesday that his $50 billion business “is all just one big lie” and that it was “basically, a giant Ponzi scheme (since at least 2005).” Mr. Madoff faces up to 20 years imprisonment and a fine of up to $5 million. FBI agent Theodore Cacioppi said Mr. Madoff’s investment advisory business had “deceived investors by operating a securities business in which he traded and lost investor money, and then paid certain investors purported returns on investment with the principal received from other, different investors, which resulted in investors’ losses of approximately $50 billion dollars.”

The former chairman of the Nasdaq Stock Market is also the founder and primary owner of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC, the closely-held market-making firm he launched in 1960. The firm is one of the top market maker firms on Wall Street. He founded his family firm with an initial investment of $5,000, after attending Hofstra University Law School. He saved the money earned from a job lifeguarding at Rockaway Beach in Queens and a part time job installing underground sprinkler systems.

A force in Wall Street trading for nearly 50 years, he has been active in the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD), a self-regulatory organization for the U.S. securities industry. His firm was one of the five most active firms in the development of the NASDAQ, having been known for “paying for order flow,” in other word paying a broker to execute a customer’s order through Madoff. He argued that the payment to the broker did not alter the price that the customer received. He ran the investment advisory as a secretive business, however.

Dan Horwitz, counsel of Mr. Madoff, in an interview, said that “he is a longstanding leader in the financial-services industry with an unblemished record; he is a person of integrity; he intends to fight to get through this unfortunate event.” Mr. Madoff was released on his own recognizance on the same day of his arrest, after his 2 sons turned him in, and posting $10 million bail secured by his Manhattan apartment. Without entering any plea, the Court set the preliminary hearing for January 12.

Madoff’s hedge fund scheme may rank among the biggest fraud in history. When former energy trading giant Enron filed for bankruptcy in 2001, one of the largest at the time, it had $63.4 billion in assets. The scheme would dwarf past Ponzis, and it would further be nearly five times the telecommunication company WorldCom fraud and bankruptcy proceedings in 2002.

The Securities and Exchange Commission filed a separate civil suit on Thursday against Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities and its eponymous founder Mr. Madoff. It was docketed as “U.S. v. Madoff,” 08-MAG-02735, by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York (Manhattan). SEC, New York associate director of enforcement, Andrew M. Calamari, asked the judge to issue seizure orders on the firm and its assets, and appoint a receiver. The SEC pleads, among others, that “it was an ongoing $50 billion swindle; our complaint alleges a stunning fraud that appears to be of epic proportions.” It further accused the defendant of “paying returns to certain investors out of the principal received from other, different investors” for years. Madoff’s hedge fund business had previously claimed to have served between 11 and 25 clients and had $17.1 billion in assets under management. But virtually all of the assets were missing.

United States District Court for the Southern District of New York Louis L. Stanton on Thursday appointed Lee Richards, a Manhattan lawyer, as the firm’s receiver. A hearing is set for Friday, for a ruling on the SEC’s petition to grant plenary powers to the receiver over the entire firm, and an absolute asset sequestration.

Doug Kass, president of hedge fund Seabreeze Partners Management said that “this is a major blow to confidence that is already shattered — anyone on the fence will probably try to take their money out.”

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Spelbound declared winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2010

Spelbound declared winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2010

Posted by VZWk94v8 on November 16, 2018

Monday, June 7, 2010

An acrobatic group known by the name of Spelbound has been declared as the winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2010, a televised variety talent show competition broadcast on ITV in the United Kingdom. As the winning act of the show, Spelbound have won £100,000 (US$144,580, €120,313, A$175,079) and a place at The Royal Variety Performance, an annual gala evening that is attended by senior members of the British Royal Family.

In no particular order, the top three acts were revealed to be two dancers known by their stage name of Twist and Pulse, gymnastic group Spelbound and Kieran Gaffney, whose act involves playing on the drum kit. After Kieran Gaffney was revealed to be in third place, Anthony McPartlin, who hosts Britain’s Got Talent with Declan Donnelly, said to Kieran: “Well done Kieran. Kieran, you’re a star, you came back, you got all the way to the final. I know you’ve loved this. You’ve loved this, haven’t you?” In response to this, Kieran Gaffney stated: “Thank you very much. Thank you, everyone for supporting me. Thank you.”

Shortly afterwards, on the episode that was broadcast live on ITV1 on Saturday, Anthony announced: “After tens of thousands of auditons, five semi-finals and an amazing final, this…this is it. One of you is about to walk away with £100,000 and a place at this year’s Royal Variety Performance. The winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2010 is…Spelbound!” Glen Murphy from Twist and Pulse commented about finishing in second place, stating: “Yeah, it’s amazing. I can’t even believe it. I can’t believe it at all.”

Alex Uttley, a 24-year-old member of Spelbound, commented on the gymnastic group’s victory, commenting: “Oh, my god. This is unbelieveable. We just want to say thank you to everyone out there. It just shows that all our hard work has paid off.” One of the coaches of Spelbound, named Neil Griffiths, stated about Spelbound: “Oh, they’ve worked so hard over the last few weeks. Um, since the semi-final, we…we really had to pull out the stops to try and up the game. They’ve not known they’ve worked in the gym from six in the morning till twelve…twelve o’clock of the night. I couldn’t have asked for more. Um, it’s a team of coaches. I don’t take all the credit myself. There’s, uh, two people up there that know who they are who’ve been fantastic.”

Spelbound consists of 24-year-old Alex Uttley, Nicholas Illingworth, aged 24, Adam Buckingham, aged 21, 20-year-old Adam McAssey, 19-year-old Douglas Fordyce, 18-year-old Edward Upcott, 18-year-old Leighanne Cowler, 17-year-old Katie Axten, 17-year-old Lauren Kemp, 15-year-old Jonathan Stranks, Abigail Ralph, aged 15, 13-year-old Hollianne Wood and Amy Mackenzie, aged 12. Bookmakers had previously predicted that Spelbound would be the most likely act to become the winner of the series.

The running order for the final started with Twist and Pulse. The second act to perform was Liam McNally, a 14-year-old singer. The running order subsequently continued with 40-year-old impressionist Paul Burling, singer Christopher Stone, aged 28, Tina & Chandi, a woman and dog dancing act, Connected, a five-piece singing group, Kieran Gaffney, aged 12, 22-year-old Tobias Mead, a dancer, 80-year-old singer Janey Cutler and Spelbound in that particular order.

Earlier on in the final, Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden has stated to Spelbound: “We are hosting the 2012 Olympics and I think ‘what a brilliant opening act’.” Fellow judge Piers Morgan also commented that “[t]he purpose of this show is to identify hidden great British talent. You are that act.” After Spelbound won in the final, another judge, named Simon Cowell, stated that “the right boys and girls won on the night” and that he could “only say on live TV that that was one of the most astonishing things I have ever seen. Seriously.”

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Landscaping Tools: A Checklist

Posted by VZWk94v8 on November 15, 2018

By Mr.Andrew Caxton

In gardening as in every other hobby, there are specific tools for specific purposes. Here we present a checklist of the tools you’ll need for your landscaping projects.

When winter slowly melts away and the first green buds of spring start to appear, everyone with a green thumb cheers. Time to break out the tools and head out into the yards for some good, hard work among the gardens. Perhaps a new design for a flower bed will be tried out, or perhaps the old designs will simply be lovingly gone over and prepared for summer. Either way, it’s time to take stock of your tools and make sure you’re ready for the season ahead.

If you’ve got enough room in your garage or potting shed to hang up all your small tools on peg-board, that is the ideal solution to both the storage and care problem. If metal tools are jumbled about on a cold concrete floor, they quite quickly develop rust, get mislaid, or might even get stepped on by a careless foot.

If you’re a long time gardener, you’ve probably got all the tools you need already, so it’s just a question of examining each one and ensuring that it is still in working order, to see if any blades need sharpening or handles need repairing. If you purchased high quality tools to begin with chances are the only thing that needs doing is sharpening blades. You can do this yourself with the proper tools, and as long as you exercise the proper care around sharp objects!

If you’re just starting your gardening career, then you need to stock up on the appropriate tools. You’ll have a choice between purchasing inexpensive tools – which are generally of low quality – or expensive tools – which are generally of high quality. Of course these days expense is relative, what with the improvements in manufacturing techniques, not to mention the place where the tools were manufactured, and you should be able to get good quality tools for not very much money.

It’s just a question of how many tools you want to buy. The best thing to do is start out with just the bare minimum, then, as you work in your garden and decide you love it, you can return to the store for more tools – for there is a specialty tool for every purpose – and buy more.

Depending on the size of your lawn, there’s no need to buy huge pieces of equipment such as garden rollers or roto-tillers. Those you can rent from your local garden or hardware store. A lawnmower is generally the only big piece of equipment you’ll need.

YouTube Preview Image

Small tools


If you’ve got flower beds, you’ll need a hand fork, and perhaps even a cultivator. These are small hand tools with three prongs so that you can get in amongst the flowers and weed out the unwanted grasses. Indeed, you can purchase forks in a set: cultivator, hand fork, trowel, and weeding fork.

Garden hoses

How long of a hose do you need? Well, that depends on the size of your lawn. Do you have a water hookup in both front and back, or just on the side of the house?

Regardless of how long your hose is, storage always seems to be a problem because if you just curl the thing up and toss it into the corner of the garage, it has a habit of uncurling. If you leave it lying about any old way on your lawn, it kills the grass beneath. The solution is a rack or wheel onto which you can roll the hose, and then unroll it when needed. For such a tool – you should get the best possible, something that you can mount on the house. Wheels that sit on the floor have a habit of tilting on you when you’re trying to reel in the hose, and just get frustrating.


You perhaps don’t think of gloves as a ‘tool,’ but they are – designed to prevent blisters on your hands, or cuts from rose bushes, or the like. Many people like to stick their hands in the dirt – that’s the joy of gardening! – but such activities are very hard on your nails, and on your skin, and a good pair of gloves will save you from a lot of problems in future.

Hand shears/clippers

If you’ve got bushes or shrubs in your yard, a pair of hand shears or hedge clippers is a much. At the very least you’ll want to clip off any inconvenient twigs that reach out and snag your clothing as you walk past, but you can also use the shears to shape and beautify the greenery.

If you’ve got trees with overhanging branches, than lopping shears might become necessary. Because they’ve got very long handles they allow you to get a lot of leverage in cutting off branches, and any dead branches on your tree should be cut off.


Should you get a cheap rake with plastic teeth…or should you get a rake with metal teeth. Frankly, one metal rake will last as long as two or three plastic ones, so your much better just getting the metal rake to begin with. Even if you don’t have trees that drop their leaves in the fall, a rake is always handy to smooth dirt, or remove thatch from your lawn.


Shovels are used for shifting snow, spades are used for shifting dirt in a garden. There are a wide variety of spades on the market, each to be used for a different purpose. Spades with a pointed blade are used to dig up clumps of earth, while the spade with a square blade is used for removing that dirt. When purchasing spades, make sure you get ones with a handle suited to your height.


If you’ve got room to store a wheelbarrow, and if you’re going to be adding or moving dirt or plants or other material, then this tool will certainly come in handy. But if you simply need to maintain your lawns, you probably won’t need a wheelbarrow at all.

About the Author: Andrew Caxton is the editor of different articles with reference to lawn care for . For additional information on landscaping tools or

landscaping tools



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Haitian earthquake: in pictures

Haitian earthquake: in pictures

Posted by VZWk94v8 on November 14, 2018

Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti was hit by a heavy earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 on Tuesday, killing an unknown number of people, and destroying up to ten percent of buildings in the capital, Port-au-Prince.

No official death toll has been released as of yet, although the United Nations says that up to fifty thousand people may potentially have been killed. An estimated 300,000 more were left without homes.

In a special photo report, Wikinews looks at the extensive damage caused by the disaster.

To find more information about a certain image or to enlarge it, click it. For an in-depth textual report on the same subject, please see Haiti relief efforts: in depth.

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Twenty-five children injured in bus-truck collision in Florida

Twenty-five children injured in bus-truck collision in Florida

Posted by VZWk94v8 on November 14, 2018

Sunday, June 12, 2005

A truck collided with a bus on Friday, seriously injuring five children and one adult, authories have said. The bus was taking 25 children of immigrant workers to an amusement arcade.

“The more seriouslly hurt youngsters have suffered broken bones and head injuries”, said Fire-Rescue deputy Steve Delai. One young boy and a 30 year old were in intensive care at Delray Medical Center late Friday, officials have reported.

Two other children were in a stable condition, while conditions for the other two seriouslly injured children were not available.

“It appears that the bus was in the center lane and the tractor-trailer was in the right lane. For some reason the bus got into the path of the tractor-trailer,” A Florida Highway Patrol officer told a local television station.

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Colleges offering admission to displaced New Orleans students/OH-WY

Colleges offering admission to displaced New Orleans students/OH-WY

Posted by VZWk94v8 on November 14, 2018

See the discussion page for instructions on adding schools to this list and for an alphabetically arranged listing of schools.

Due to the damage by Hurricane Katrina and subsequent flooding, a number of colleges and universities in the New Orleans metropolitan area will not be able to hold classes for the fall 2005 semester. It is estimated that 75,000 to 100,000 students have been displaced. [1]. In response, institutions across the United States and Canada are offering late registration for displaced students so that their academic progress is not unduly delayed. Some are offering free or reduced admission to displaced students. At some universities, especially state universities, this offer is limited to residents of the area.


  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Ohio
  • 3 Oklahoma
  • 4 Oregon
  • 5 Pennsylvania
  • 6 Rhode Island
  • 7 South Carolina
  • 8 South Dakota
  • 9 Tennessee
  • 10 Texas
  • 11 Utah
  • 12 Vermont
  • 13 Virginia
  • 14 Washington
  • 15 West Virginia
  • 16 Wisconsin
  • 17 Wyoming

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New South Wales, Australia government says entire state in winter 2018 drought

New South Wales, Australia government says entire state in winter 2018 drought

Posted by VZWk94v8 on November 14, 2018

Friday, August 10, 2018

On Wednesday, the New South Wales, Australia Department of Primary Industries (DPI) reported fifteen percent of New South Wales, Australia (NSW) was in “intense drought”, and the rest of the state “in drought” or “drought-affected”. Farmers were reportedly running out of food for cattle and had to make difficult decisions about the collection times for their crops; food for cattle became harder to get, and more expensive.

The report from DPI indicated “up to 48% of the state as Drought Affected, 37% in Drought and 15% in Intense Drought”. The areas of intense drought included “parts of Western, North West, Central West, Central Tablelands, South East, Hunter, Greater Sydney and Northern Tablelands LLS regions”, according to the report. The drought indicator was based on agronomic data, remote sensing, and field reports, including soil moisture and pasture conditions.

The report from DPI named “the southern alpine zone, the greater Hilltops (Young) region and parts of the south and north coast” as areas with better conditions.

Furthermore, according to ABC (the Australian Broadcasting Corporation), the chair of the Australian Fodder Industry Association, Frank McRae, said many farmers in NSW had barely any food for their cattle. He said, “There’s pretty much virtually nothing in NSW and supplies are rapidly drying up in southern Victoria [state bordering NSW on the south] […] You have to go back to 1981–1982 to see a drought this widespread and so severe.”

The BBC reported Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull saying some farmers bought hay for animal feed for as much as AUD 10,000 per truckload.

NSW Primary Industries Minister Niall Blair remarked many people were hoping for rain to come and farmers were needed to make difficult decisions about the best viable time for crops collection. He said, “This is tough, there isn’t a person in the state that isn’t hoping to see some rain for our farmers and regional communities […] Producers are now faced with some very difficult decisions on whether to graze sown crops or rely on potential rainfall in the next two months in order to increase yield production.”

According to ABC’s reports, Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) meteorologist Jane Golding said these conditions were unlike previously observed climatic conditions in NSW with rain in June, July and August. He said, “This year we haven’t really seen either of those and last year as well we didn’t really see too much of the either of those rain-bearing systems making their way into NSW […] It is unusually dry and also unusually warm which exacerbates the problems, so the warm temperatures dry out the soils even more.”

According to BBC, Queensland, north of NSW, was also experiencing dry conditions, as well as parts of South Australia and Victoria. The report from DPI mentioned last autumn’s failed growing season.

About the forecast conditions and risks, the report from DPI said dry and warm conditions were “likely” to continue in the next three months, with an El Niño 50% likely in NSW in spring, which would mean depressed rainfall. The Australian forecasting services have an El Niño Watch on the region according to the report.

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