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Apple In The History Of The Financial Statements Of The Most Powerful

Thursday, February 8th, 2018

By Himfr Tian

“Net profit of 4.31 billion U.S. dollars, up 70%.” October 19, Apple released the latest quarterly earnings report, reassert suck on money.

Rarely participate in such activities, a rare Apple CEO Steve Jobs attend the subsequent conference call, “our quarterly revenue of more than 20 billion U.S. dollars mark, after-tax net profit of more than 4 billion U.S. dollars, have set a record in Apple’s history.”

For the Apple in the history of the “most cattle earnings,” the market has given a different interpretation of the earnings announcement in after-hours trading, Apple shares fell 6.94%.

iPhone4 drive

iPhone4 listing and selling Apple growth performance increased significantly. Jobs said in a conference call, iPhone sales growth of 91% to 14.1 million, RIM Blackberry have the production company behind them.

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Ended September 25, 2010 in the fourth quarter, revenue was $ 20,340,000,000 Apple, higher than the 12.21 billion U.S. dollars last year, marking the highest level in history in which the international sales accounted for 57%. In addition, Apple’s net profit reached 43.1 billion U.S. dollars, $ 4.64 per diluted share were better than last year. Where substantial growth year on year net profit of 70%.

One, iPhone brings Apple’s hot-selling 86 billion dollars in revenue, plus shops and other related business applications, Apple iPhone product from the revenue received up to 88 billion U.S. dollars.

Apple could have more sales, but due to lack of supply capacity, resulting in a long period of almost iPhone4 out state. “The current problem is mainly caused screen production capacity.” ISuppli analyst Wang Yang said.

September 30, iPhone4 officially began sales in mainland China. Fang Li believes that China Unicom contract before the end of machine 10 to reach 20 million sold, Apple is expected to more than 100,000 stores. However, due to tight supply and the cattle suffered speculation and other reasons, the Apple store currently has in stock iPhone4 bare metal state, while China Unicom has a large network of stock, you buy in advance booking.

“We are taking steps, hoping to further increase iPhone sales.” Apple Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook said on a conference call.

Android Challenge

For Apple’s “History of the cattle earnings”, the capital market seems to sniff out the extremes meet in this. Insiders believe that Apple shares fell nearly 7% in after-hours, direct factor is the decline in gross margin, the deeper reason may come from the challenge of Google Android camp.

Jobs for Android’s public comments, to some extent a signal. Trying to catch up for the Google Android system, Jobs said, opening and closure of the debate is just a smoke bomb, “We think Android is very divided, and this differentiation is still growing. Apple’s efforts to develop an integrated model allows users to avoid to act as system integrator. ”

Jobs pointed out that many camp Android handset manufacturers, including HTC and Motorola, the two largest companies have installed a proprietary user interface for Android to their experience with the popular distinction. In addition, Android application store too many users and developers will also cause more problems.

“Google had with manufacturers to customize the interface early, so as to get more support for OEM manufacturers.” Analysys International analysts said. In fact, Google has begun to consider the integration of Android, the recent trade rumors, the new version of the Android3.0 system, Google will take a unified user interface to achieve the integration objectives.

However, top mobile phone makers, said such practices are unlikely to achieve at present, a feasible solution is the “Google Phone will be in the form of a unified mobile interface, but only the manufacturers using Android system does not enforce, or have two sets of System. ”

In any case, Google has begun action to address issues raised by Apple. Wang Yang think, Android also has a problem to be solved is the application software. Data show that Apple’s App Store has more than 30 million lines have been applied, the number is more than 3 times the Android Market and Android applications, or distributed in different platforms.

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Don’t Kill Your Dog: Understand The Dog Food Ingredients He’s Eating

Sunday, January 21st, 2018

By Kelly Marshall

It is often confusing when you go to buy dog food to try to identify what is important on the label and why some foods are priced so much higher or so much lower than the rest. It is important to buy a good quality food that meets your dog’s needs, but the quality of the food is not always guaranteed by the price. Many of the very high priced dog foods or ‘gourmet’ foods are no more nutritionally balanced than the premium foods offered by large or small dog food companies. Typically the very low priced dog foods should be avoided as they are largely made up of filler type ingredients and little protein and very little nutritional value.

What’s On The Label?

The ingredient portion of the label must list all the food items and additives that are contained in the food. In most developed countries the items in dog food are controlled by a federal agency to ensure they are appropriate for consumption and are not a danger to the animals. The substances in dog food must by generally recognized as safe, or GRAS. No diseased meat, improperly processed meat or vegetable material or other items may be used in the food.

The items listed on the ingredient portion are listed by natural weight at time of processing, starting with the heaviest item and working down. That means that the meat is weighed in its moist, natural state just like the soy meal or ground wheat will be listed in their natural dry state on the ingredient list. Since processing removes most of the water, especially in dry food, the first ingredient on the list may not be the predominant ingredient in the final dry kibble. In reality most dry foods will list beef, chicken or meat as the first ingredient but on full analysis of the final dry ingredient there will be far more of the wheat fillers in each kibble. Avoid dog foods that list animal or meat by-products as the main ingredients as these have almost no nutritional value for the dog.

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Since there is almost no way to know how much of the original ingredient is in the final result the information on the ingredient label is not as useful as it may seem. The better information that is provided on the label is the actual analysis of the feed, which is based on the final product and its actual breakdown.

The analysis will list the crude protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals. Generally a dog should have between 21 and 26% protein in the diet depending on their age and level of activity. The more active a dog is the more protein they will need to sustain energy levels. Puppies and senior dogs should not be fed high protein diets as it can cause problems in puppies with bone growth and may cause excessive weight gain in older, more sedate dogs.

How much to feed?

If you are feeding a good quality premium dry dog food it is important to follow the feeding recommendations. Poor quality foods will have you feed more and will lead to increased mess to clean up. Premium dry foods usually are fed by current body weight of the dog as well as the growth stage of the dog. Be sure to feed the correct food for the correct growth stage to optimize the benefits to the dog.

If you are in doubt about the correct feeding amounts or are concerned that your dog may be gaining or losing weight due to the food immediately seek the advice of your vet. Often rapid weight loss or gain has nothing to do with the food but may be a serious health concern or even a genetic condition.

About the Author: Vets also recommend feeding your dog from an elevated dog feeder to reduce the amount of air ingested when eating.


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Does The Duty Of Utmost Good Faith Apply To Claims

Monday, December 25th, 2017

By Frank Egan – LAC Lawyers

Originally the duty of utmost good faith was a common law concept which applied directly to contracts of insurance. The introduction of the Insurance Contracts Act 1984 (the Act) brought about a fundamental change to this duty – the Act states ‘a contract of insurance is based on the utmost good faith and there is implied in such a contract a provision requiring each party to it to act towards the other party, in respect of any matter arising under or in relation to it, with the utmost good faith.’ Today the duty of the utmost good faith must be looked at from both the common law and statutory perspectives with respect to obligations owed by insurers to insureds once a claim has been lodged under an insurance policy. Insurance contracts are subject to the duty of utmost good faith because each party to the contract must act with the utmost good faith with respect to their dealings with one another. This duty is not to be confused with the duty of disclosure which deals with the pre-contractual obligations of the parties and is otherwise dealt with under the Act.

Effectively the duty of utmost good faith is now implied in contracts of insurance which previously was not the case at common law. At common law the strict application of the duty might have resulted in an insurer entitled to avoid a contract of insurance ad initio (from inception). The difference now is that as an implied term in a contract of insurance a breach of the duty by the insurer can now give rise to a claim for damages in contract in relation to the settlement of a claim. As the meaning of ‘utmost good faith’ is not defined in the Act reference must be had to some of the cases in this area. What is important to keep in mind is that duty focuses on the word ‘utmost’ and that this is the measure of good faith relied upon with fairness and honesty being part of it. Of course the duty has to be viewed objectively and it applies globally to all aspects of the relationship between an insurer and insured encompassing the payment and settlement of claims. There is an argument that the duty may have some precontractual force although this does not have much currency. Given that we are talking about an insured being able to sue under the Act for damages for breach of an implied term of the duty of utmost good faith, this begs the question: whether or not an insurer could be held liable in damages where they have exhibited bad faith? Suffice to say, in the USA bad faith claims have been around for many years and perhaps this area of the law may develop in Australia in future although the courts have expressed otherwise.

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One of the vexing questions which remains to be asked is whether in certain circumstances an insured’s duty to act with good faith extends to third parties along with the utmost good faith. Recent cases suggest that there can be a breach of a duty of utmost good faith even where the insurer has not acted dishonestly and where third party interests are involved. As matters currently stand there is no tort of bad faith and a breach of the duty can only result in a liability for damages for breach of contract. In a recent case the New South Wales Court of Appeal ruled that an insurer has a duty of good faith and fair dealing not only to an insured but to those who benefit under a policy. The court said that the duty of good faith applies where the policy is at least for the indirect benefit of the insured. Despite this there remains considerable doubt as to whether the duty of utmost good faith extends to third parties as the duty that the court is talking about here is one of good faith and fair dealing.

About the Author: Frank Egan is the Chief Executive Officer of LAC Insurance Lawyers Sydney and has over 27 years of experience as a lawyer.


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Why Priceline Is The Best Health And Beauty Retailer

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

Why Priceline Is the Best Health and Beauty Retailer


George Lockwood

In every state and territory in Australia Priceline has a beauty and health retailer. There are two different Priceline brands, the Priceline pharmacy and the traditional Priceline, and across Australia there are well over three and fifty stores. Since this chain of stores was purchased in 2004, they are currently owned and run by the Australian pharmaceutical industries. In 1982 Priceline was established of which the very first store was opened in Victoria at Highpoint, which started off as a beauty retailer. When API bought over Priceline which operated Price Attack, Priceline Pharmacy, retail Priceline brands and House. In 2007 the Price Attack and House were diverted by API which allowed them to focus their retail brand strategy on Priceline. A new visual identity, merchandise, brand refresh and store format was launched in 2008.

Priceline is now a beauty and health retailer of healthcare products, cosmetics, hair care and skincare. Through the Priceline pharmacy brand, the stores are now involved in pharmaceutical retailing with over three hundred stores across Australia. In 2010 BRW an Australian business publication ranked Priceline the sixteenth fastest growing franchise across Australia by revenue. An annual revenue growth of 63.4 percent was recorded over three years. Once of the largest beauty and fashion events, has now been sponsored by

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since 2007 in Australia. There are now around three million Priceline club card members which makes this chain the largest loyalty program across Australia.

Club card members when making a purchase earn points and are then rewarded with prizes and discount vouchers. In 2009 forty percent of the retail sales were made by club card members, of which accounted for a thirty percent of members. Now there are also Priceline hotel deals available where members can pick up hot deals. One can book a hotel room for around $50 as opposed to $200, giving you more value for your money. As opposed to just naming your price, Priceline operates a travel booking website that includes car rental, cruise, and air and hotel accommodation and is a great option for travelers that are budget minded. When placing bids for a hotel room, choose your required dates of departure and return and choose your destination.

Once you have submitted, you will receive a map of your destination as well as the various Priceline zones. The more people bidding the lower the price so, before placing a bid check out the other Priceline customer bids, which will give you a better idea of the deal you can pick up and what hotels are currently offered on the site. By placing a free re-bid, you will pick up a great deal at the price you are looking for.

George Lockwood is an author on the subject of health & beauty products. Also, he has a particular interest in fashion and style. On behalf of several web sites owners he spends most of his time writing web publication content for

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Honda 2006 Ridgeline Pickup Has Superior Honda Replacement Parts At Parts Train To Maintain Its Exceptional Performance

Thursday, October 12th, 2017

By Jenny McLane

“The Honda Ridgeline delivers all the capabilities of a truck with none of the traditional truck trade-offs.,” said Dick Colliver, executive vice president of American Honda Motor Co., Inc. The Honda Ridgeline is the pickup truck segment’s first four-wheel, fully independent suspension system combined with an advanced fully automatic four-wheel drive system to “deliver superior ride and handling versus traditional truck designs

It has innovative new truck body construction and steel reinforced composite bed to deliver half-ton hauling capability and 5,000-pound towing. The Ridgeline has a number of exclusive new features including a Dual-Action tailgate and the industry’s first In-Bed Trunk. The In-Bed Trunk features 8.5 cu.-ft. of secure, lockable and water resistant storage space. The spare tire is stored in a sliding tray inside the trunk and can accommodate a full-size spare tire.

Due to its wide bed and minimal wheel arch intrusion, the Ridgeline can also carry 4-foot wide sheets of building material flat on the floor, something no other compact or mid-size truck can do. It has a fully integrated truck frame with two longitudinal frame rails and seven high-strength steel cross members that create a fully boxed, deep channel, ladder frame structure fully integrated into the upper body of the vehicle. Body bending rigidity is more than 2.5 times stiffer than the best performing body-on-frame compact truck competitor is and rear torsion rigidity is more than 20 times stiffer.

YouTube Preview Image

Designed for excellent all-weather handling, traction and off-road ability, its standard Variable Torque Management 4-Wheel Drive System (VTM-4WD) can transfer up to 70 percent of available torque to the rear wheels.

Parts Train’s high quality Honda body parts, Replacement Parts, can maintain all of these impressive qualities of the Honda Ridgeline Pickup. Years of delivering superior product lines have made Partstrain a favorite among car enthusiasts. Like Honda, Partstrain does its best among competitors.

All genuine quality Honda Pickup spoiler, radiator, electrical parts, engine parts, hood, hubcaps, condenser, bumper, catalytic converter, exhaust, fender, grille to name a few are available to you in great discounts and wholesale deals at Partstrain.

These exceptional arrays of finely crafted Honda Pickup Parts are now online at where you get only quality workmanship, great discounts and top of the line customer service. Online car parts shopping have never been easier than in our very secure site.

About the Author: Jenny McLane is a 36 year old native of Iowa and has a knack for research on cars and anything and everything about it. She works full time as a Market Analyst for one of the leading car parts suppliers in the country today.


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