Apple In The History Of The Financial Statements Of The Most Powerful

By Himfr Tian

“Net profit of 4.31 billion U.S. dollars, up 70%.” October 19, Apple released the latest quarterly earnings report, reassert suck on money.

Rarely participate in such activities, a rare Apple CEO Steve Jobs attend the subsequent conference call, “our quarterly revenue of more than 20 billion U.S. dollars mark, after-tax net profit of more than 4 billion U.S. dollars, have set a record in Apple’s history.”

For the Apple in the history of the “most cattle earnings,” the market has given a different interpretation of the earnings announcement in after-hours trading, Apple shares fell 6.94%.

iPhone4 drive

iPhone4 listing and selling Apple growth performance increased significantly. Jobs said in a conference call, iPhone sales growth of 91% to 14.1 million, RIM Blackberry have the production company behind them.


Ended September 25, 2010 in the fourth quarter, revenue was $ 20,340,000,000 Apple, higher than the 12.21 billion U.S. dollars last year, marking the highest level in history in which the international sales accounted for 57%. In addition, Apple’s net profit reached 43.1 billion U.S. dollars, $ 4.64 per diluted share were better than last year. Where substantial growth year on year net profit of 70%.

One, iPhone brings Apple’s hot-selling 86 billion dollars in revenue, plus shops and other related business applications, Apple iPhone product from the revenue received up to 88 billion U.S. dollars.

Apple could have more sales, but due to lack of supply capacity, resulting in a long period of almost iPhone4 out state. “The current problem is mainly caused screen production capacity.” ISuppli analyst Wang Yang said.

September 30, iPhone4 officially began sales in mainland China. Fang Li believes that China Unicom contract before the end of machine 10 to reach 20 million sold, Apple is expected to more than 100,000 stores. However, due to tight supply and the cattle suffered speculation and other reasons, the Apple store currently has in stock iPhone4 bare metal state, while China Unicom has a large network of stock, you buy in advance booking.

“We are taking steps, hoping to further increase iPhone sales.” Apple Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook said on a conference call.

Android Challenge

For Apple’s “History of the cattle earnings”, the capital market seems to sniff out the extremes meet in this. Insiders believe that Apple shares fell nearly 7% in after-hours, direct factor is the decline in gross margin, the deeper reason may come from the challenge of Google Android camp.

Jobs for Android’s public comments, to some extent a signal. Trying to catch up for the Google Android system, Jobs said, opening and closure of the debate is just a smoke bomb, “We think Android is very divided, and this differentiation is still growing. Apple’s efforts to develop an integrated model allows users to avoid to act as system integrator. ”

Jobs pointed out that many camp Android handset manufacturers, including HTC and Motorola, the two largest companies have installed a proprietary user interface for Android to their experience with the popular distinction. In addition, Android application store too many users and developers will also cause more problems.

“Google had with manufacturers to customize the interface early, so as to get more support for OEM manufacturers.” Analysys International analysts said. In fact, Google has begun to consider the integration of Android, the recent trade rumors, the new version of the Android3.0 system, Google will take a unified user interface to achieve the integration objectives.

However, top mobile phone makers, said such practices are unlikely to achieve at present, a feasible solution is the “Google Phone will be in the form of a unified mobile interface, but only the manufacturers using Android system does not enforce, or have two sets of System. ”

In any case, Google has begun action to address issues raised by Apple. Wang Yang think, Android also has a problem to be solved is the application software. Data show that Apple’s App Store has more than 30 million lines have been applied, the number is more than 3 times the Android Market and Android applications, or distributed in different platforms.

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