Do You Dare Get A Nip And Tuck?

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As with any surgery, there are plastic surgery risks. Most cosmetic surgeries have very minimal risks. There are always certain cases that can prove dangerous and even life-threatening. Most people have plastic surgery to look and feel better about themselves. Everyone wants to look good. There are other patients that have surgery for health purposes in cases of obesity and diabetes. It can make a marked improvement in their health and quality of life. With weight loss from the surgery they will feel like new people, ready to take on the world. Physicians have also said that it shows a marked improvement in their self-esteem and social outlook.

In our socially conscious world, looking young and hot is a major priority. However, it can come with a major cost if things do go wrong. There are various types of plastic surgery procedures. Not everyone opts for plastic surgery for vanity. Many are children of all ages up to adults who have never been scarred or disfigured from birth. They have had to live with their disfigurement until now. There are many doctors who travel to other countries and perform these surgeries for free. But to these people the plastic surgery risks are surely worth it.


Most of the major risks occur from the anesthesia. Some people have developed the breathing problems, temporary paralysis, brain damage, and death to name a few. If a patient suffers from a heart condition, obesity, or a lung disease, they are at the highest risk of developing complications because of the anesthesia. Many of the mild complications are brought on by allergic reactions to the drugs. If you are consider have this type or any kind of surgery be certain to inform your physician of any allergies or illnesses you have. It could save your life.

Other plastic surgery risks include blood clots, infection, drop in blood pressure, or aspiration. The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has written an article on the matter. They state that according to a 1997 poll less than a half a percent of people suffered from serious complications. Only one in 57,000 plastic surgery cases proved fatal. The overall serious plastic surgery risks can be compared to freestanding surgery centers and hospitals. These are incredible statistics considering how many people have plastic surgery today. With today s technology, the medical profession is progressing by leaps and bounds. There no telling what they will be able to do for people next. It will be exiting to see.

They also state that patients will be screened for other risk factors that may cause blood clots, such as obesity or patients with recent traumatic injury. The new screening programs will allow them to catch early warning signs that might not otherwise be noticed. This will minimize plastic surgery risks further so if you decide you want a little nip and tuck go for it. You could look 10 to 20 years younger in no time at all.

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