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Lucidity, Secret Doorway In The Night}

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

Lucidity, Secret Doorway in the Night


Jonathon Byron

I often find myself thinking, traveling back to a simpler place in time watching old memories unfold in front of my mind’s eye as a young child somewhere around the age of four. Back then no fences or boundaries had been placed on what I thought was possible in my mind. None of my ambitions or passions were limited by the reality that had been imposed on the adults around me. My parents were all grown up, I couldn’t comprehend the thought that they too had once been young in their past just like I was. My dad was my hero, right up there with the likes of Super Man. My mother was, in my eyes, the best mom in the world and the love that I shared with the two of them along with my big sister was unlike what any other little boy ever had. What I had was special, it was my own unique wonderful world that belonged only to me. The restrains of life through use of simple mathematics, logic, reasoning and reality were among the many things that had not been imposed on my innocence.

Even after all this time, I can still remember the smell of the dirt and the taste of my own tears. I can vividly hear the sound of my moms voice as she yelled out from the front porch to me that it was time to come in for dinner. I’ve packed on thirty plus years and a few wrinkles since I was that little boy playing in the back yard throwing that ball around. I’ve also had countless friends and family members that have passed on throughout the years. I’ve since learned to function successfully, at least by my standards, with all the restrictions that reality has placed on my adult life. I now have a family of my own and both of my children are much older than that little boy in the back yard that I remember so fondly.

We’ve all have heard the saying that you never know what you’ve got till it’s gone. With little effort, we can all can tie those nine words back to a vivid memory, strong emotion or even a loved one from our past and would all fully agree that it’s an absolute understatement. The closer we become to someone has a direct impact on the risk we’re willing to take in our interactions with them knowing full well that chances of forgiveness for our actions will be almost endless. The reality of life is that all second chances come to an end sooner or later and are replaced with the truths of how things were last left. With even the slightest passage of time as we begin to age, we often begin to see and recognize the patterns of life as they come full circle around us. My thoughts on life and the importance of those who I love has evolved much over the last ten years, just as it had changed in the ten years prior.

Although I’ll never be able to go back and enjoy my simple years as an adolescence, I have found a doorway in the night that has opened up further and further for me in the last several years. On the other side of this door is a whole other world that waits for me, a secret world of lucidity, where I step into my dreams at night and take charge. This is a place where I can go back in time and throw that ball around in my back yard again. I can take back those truths that were last left and have a second chance to right my wrongs and the opportunity to leave someone better than when I found them. Welcome to the world of lucid dreaming.

Although dreams can seem real, they normally lack any level of self consciousness that would normally tie us down to reality like that of when we are awake. With lucid dreaming however, there exists a level of consciousness that allows us to realize with absolute clarity that we’re dreaming. Once you’ve experienced a dream where you are fully aware you are doing so, you’ve started down a path that some people will never get to experience in an entire lifetime, pure dream control. This path, if you choose to follow and develop it, can be just as rewarding if not more so than anything you can achieve during your waking hours.

You can do or see anything that you wish, you’re not even limited by your own personal experiences or memories. If you want to fly over a city that you’ve never visited before you can do so with such detail and clarity that you will be utterly amazed. You can admire with detailed precision every building’s unique architecture and count the number of bricks on any wall. You can see and follow the cracks in the sidewalk and can fly down low and look into a window. You can walk into any home and navigate effortlessly throughout while recognizing the familiar smells of breakfast being cooked in the kitchen. You can read the writing on the shirt of a person relaxing in the park or read a page out of the book that the person is holding in their hands. The detail is amazing and as you’re aware that you’re in a dream you will be able to think and reflect on how vivid and detailed everything is at the moment. It’s not the same as watching a movie and following the focal point of the camera, you are the one in control of which direction the camera is pointing and the speed of which it moves.

You can spend time with or have a conversation with anyone you wish. You can ask someone questions about anything and get complete and comprehensive insight on that person’s point of view. You can talk candidly with a loved one who has been dead for a number of years. It will be so real that you will most certainly shy away from certain topics or questions just as you would in real life.

Imagine the power of harnessing an experience like this. What would your life be like if you could look forward to this almost every night? You already have the brain for it which is the only tool that is required. It is all truly within your reach. There are certain things that you can do to slowly program your mind to open itself up and let you take charge.

Lucid Dreaming; In part two we will begin to unlock some of the secrets that will lay the foundation for us to open that door up little by little. This is only the beginning of the journey. Where will you go?

My name is Jonathon Byron. I’m from the heartland of the United States and have a passion for writing and helping people. To view more of my work please visit my web site

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