3 Ideas To Get The Most From Your Display Url

3 Ideas To Get The Most From Your Display URL


Adrian Key

If you’re like most advertisers, you do not pay your AdWords display url much attention. For those that don’t realise, I mean that green line of text at the bottom of your ad.

Most people hurriedly type their website domain name and move on. But, pay close attention now because you could be missing out on a valuable advertising opportunity for your business!

Getting The Most Benefit From Your Display URL

Here’s a brief list of how you can make the best use of the display url in your ads:

1. Use your most popular keywords as sub-domains.

Let us say that you sell dog food and you have a section in your online store that features organic dog food. If you were to make a sub-domain for your website called organic, then you could use “organic.yourdomain.com” as the display url in your ad.

Whenever people use search terms similar to “natural organic dog food”, “organic dog food” and “best organic dog food”, your ad will show the word “organic” in bold.


You now have a perfect way to get more attention for your ad by making it stand out more from the herd.

Warning: Take care not to break Google’s rules for ads and insure your domain name in the display url always matches that used in your destination url.

2. Using keywords in your url

A different way to include keywords in your AdWords display url is to append them to the end of your domain name as web pages.

Let us look again at our illustration website for selling dog food. Now, we are going to compose an ad that will target the pedigree section of our online store.

This time you are going to add the main keyword for the ad group onto the end of your website domain name so that it reads “yourdomain.com/pedigree”.

You need not worry if the web page your display url points to doesn’t exist. There is nothing in adWords rules that says your display url needs to point to an actual web page.

Now, when searchers use keywords like “pedigree dog foods”, “pedigree dry dog food”, and “cheap pedigree dog food” the word pedigree is highlighted in your AdWords ad url, once again making your ad stand out more.

3. Advertise your special offers

The text you place after your domain name doesn’t have to be a keyword. It’s also okay to promote special offers, product names (watch out for copyright infringements) and service offerings.

Let’s look at this idea more closely. Your online dog food shop wants to promote its free e-book Healthy Eating for Dogs that its customers get with their first purchase. Your display url might now read, “yourdomain.com/e-book”.

You could also promote your spring sale as yourdomain.com/SpringSale or a discount on all orders using yourdomain.com/50DollarsOff as a display url.

Remember To Always Keep to the Rules

You’re now starting to realise the number of different ways in which you can use your AdWords display url. However, if you want to be sure that your ads will always be approved by Google, then you must stick to the rules:

use the same top level domain in your display and your destination url.

the display url can be no more than 35 characters long.

the display url must point to an actual web site but doesn’t have to point to an actual web page within that site.

the prefix www. or http: can be left out of your display url to give you more space.

your domain name must end with a valid top level identifier like “.com” or “.co.uk”.

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3 Ideas To Get The Most From Your Display URL