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What To Look For In A Family Friendly Hotel Break?

Friday, January 26th, 2018

Submitted by: Dave Matthews

You ve decided it s time to treat the whole family to a holiday, so you ve made a note to cancel the milk, take the dog to kennels and leave a spare key with the neighbour. But that s where things get tricky. With hundreds of hotels all claiming to be the one you want to go to, how do you decide which is best for you and your brood?

Assuming you know which area you wish to visit, you need to prioritise what s important to you and your family. It s pointless opting for a hotel with fabulous sports facilities if you and the kids like spending all your spare time hiking in the hills unless of course you re hoping they ll be inspired by their surroundings.

Cost is a major holiday implication and there s nothing costlier than kids! So make sure you check out family friendly hotel offers before you check in anywhere. Many hotels offer discounted – or even free – kids rooms and meals. You ll need to make sure the discounts are recorded when you make your initial booking, but huge savings can be made if you can take advantage of offers like these. On the subject of location, it s worth doing some homework on the surrounding area. Is your chosen hotel near a beach or close to visitor attractions? Are there any specific local days out you and your family are keen to go on?

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Beware of hotels that state well behaved children are welcome unless you want to spend your well deserved break tensing up nervously as other guests glare contemptuously at your children when they dare open their mouths. Better to opt for hotels that offer children little extras to show they re really welcome many give younger guests goody bags or colouring sets to keep them entertained. Some even provide complimentary milk and cookies at bedtime. They re small gestures but they show the hotel has a commitment to its younger guests (and you could always wait til they re asleep and eat them yourselves…)

Many hotels are so well equipped to cater for children that it s a wonder they don t rename them theme parks, with adventure playgrounds, mini gyms, cr ches and holiday clubs on offer. Some have babysitting services which allow you to dress up and have some grown up time over dinner knowing your children are safe upstairs in your guest room. But for those preferring the middle ground, many hotels have tennis courts where the whole family can enjoy a set or two, or even a designated indoor games room with board games, soft play furniture and comfy settees etc which can be a godsend if you want a safe and generally sound proofed room for your children to let off steam whilst you go all sophisticated and enjoy a glass of something chilled in the hotel bar. The kids get time on their own and so do you so everyone s happy. It also encourages them to make new friends which is always a good thing.

If your little darlings enjoy swimming it s worth looking for a hotel with a pool and specifically a pool with designated swim times for children. It s another opportunity for them to have time on their own, with other youngsters, and you get to chat to other guests in peace!

If you choose a hotel with a renowned track record for sending families home with smiles on theirn face, you won t go far wrong. These hotels employ staff who actually like children rather than merely tolerate them and they generally go the distance when it comes to making sure the little ones have a great time.

About the Author: Dave Matthews is writing on behalf of the Thorpe Park

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