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Step Up To Memories A Craft Project}

Friday, October 13th, 2017

Submitted by: Chuck G. Greene

If youve been looking for a creative art project to do with the kids, look no further! I recently did a fun project with my daughter and thought Id share the how-to for other parents who are looking for ways to keep their kids busy and creative all while making something useful for around the home!

What Youll Need

A wooden step ladder

Spray paint (your choice of color)

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Sponges (either cut into shapes of your choice or pre-purchased in shapes)

Letter Stencils (of your childs name)

Craft Paint (your choice of colors)

Newspaper (the older the better)

Smock or old clothing for you and your child

Now youre ready to start creating. A little preparation is needed before bringing your child into the project. Take the step ladder outside and put it on the newspaper and spray paint it, covering the entire step ladder thoroughly. Let it dry overnight and youll be ready to bring your child into the project the next day!

Bring the painted ladder to your work area (outside is recommended). Work with your child to sponge paint the shapes onto the ladder in the colors of your choice. Let it dry thoroughly.

Next, help your child stencil their name(s) onto the ladder. Id recommend doing it on the side, and not the top, as the top will take a bit of wear if you plan to let your child use it. If it is to be a decoration for the porch of your childs room, putting the name on top will be ok if you choose to do so. Let it dry.

Your child now has a ladder, personally designed by them, to use. Put it in the corner of their room and through their favorite stuffed animal or trophies or photographs on top. You can also use the ladder as dcor in your garden or on your porch. More practically, you can let your child use it for help in reaching the bathroom sink or other out of the way place they need to get to on a frequent basis.

While you can buy a step stool in the store, making one with your child not only gives you an activity to do together to get in some quality time, but it also will serve as a reminder for many years of the time you spent together and may even end up as a hand me down to your grandchildren.

And remember, above all, have fun!

About the Author: Chuck Greene is the owner and operator of a little ladder website called Ladder Fanatic. It is a testament to his unique (some may call it crazy) love of ladders.


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