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Ten Ways To Save Money When You Have Children

Friday, February 16th, 2018

Ten Ways To Save Money When You Have Children by Karen CheongThe whole society is geared to getting people to spend money for their children. When was the last time you had to buy a child’s meal just so that he could get that free toy, and end up finishing the meal yourself ?Here’s my ten ways to save money.1. Take them to parks instead of shopping malls. If they don’t see the temptations, they don’t want them. If they don’t want them, no temper tantrums to deal with, no fighting with yourself over whether or not to spend the money to keep them quiet etc. Just avoid getting into potential trouble in the first place.2. Watch DVDs instead of turning on the TV. You get to control what they watch. You don’t have to worry about adult advertisements coming on at the wrong time. You don’t have to worry about commercials telling them what they really need to get you to buy for them.3. Borrow books from the library instead of buying them. How many times do you really want to read Piggywiggy goes to Space anyway ? Also saves you having to move to a bigger house because you have run out of storage space for the books.4. Return you DVDs and library books on time !! Don’t waste money on fines !!5. Kids don’t really have to be in branded clothes. The in-house brands are perfectly acceptable. They outgrow them so quickly anyway.6. For that matter, kids don’t need new clothes all the time. Go to garage sales, learn to shop on e-bay, heck, accept hand-me-downs and be grateful. who knows, you can get some really good branded stuff for less than what you would pay for a new no-brand suit!7. Get toys with multiple functions. I find blocks, legos or those things that allow kids to link things are great. That way, when they go through a train phase, a gun phase, a car phase, a castle phase, a sea creature phase, or whatever, they just build the toys they want ! 8. Be creative ! Kids usually prefer the boxes that their presents came in anyway. Use old boxes, paper, egg cartons, whatever. Make toys with them. They play just as long with them as the train set you spent $100 on.9. Don’t use toys as bribes or rewards. Think of other things they like. Offer a trip to the zoo, bake a cake with them or something.10. Put them to work. Mine aren’t old enough to realise the difference between play and work so getting to mop the floor with a real wet mop is a real treat ! They’ve spent hours just with a little bucket and their own cloths wiping up things.Karen Cheong believes we all have it in us to be rich – really ridiculously wealthy. We just need to learn to unleash the potential.Find out what the rich know that the poor do not. Visit Source:

Congress And The House Approve Bans On Toys Made With Lead And Phthalates}

Thursday, October 19th, 2017

Congress And The House Approve Bans On Toys Made With Lead And Phthalates


Victor Epand

Due to all the recent recalls on tainted toys, Congress and the House have become so alarmed that they voted overwhelmingly to ban lead and other dangerous chemicals such as phthalets from children’s toys.

The new legislation will toughen the rules on the testing of children’s products and take steps to give more muscle to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Parents should be able to purchase toys for their children without having to worry about if they are dangerous or not. This new bill is considered as the most far-reaching product safety bills issued in decades, which will ensure that all children’s toys will be tested in the laboratory before they are tested by your children at home.

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This bill sets the toughest lead standards in the world by banning lead beyond minute levels in products that are for children twelve and younger. This bill also bans all children products that contain six type of phthalates, which are chemicals that are found in plastics and are suspected of posing health risk. The bill was passed in the House 424 to 1 and was then sent to Congress where it was approved and passed. This new bill received opposition that was voiced by the White House due to certain parts within the bill, but it has not yet been threatened with a veto. A key change in the monitoring practices will be that toys for children would have to be tested by third party testing before they are eligible to be marketed. Finally, parents and health experts know that the toys of children will not contain toxins that can be harmful to children.

There are an unlimited supply of plastic products on the market today and a large quantity of homes with the United States are filled with hundreds of plastic products. This rare action upon the part of Congress and the House reflects a growing body of scientific research showing that children ingest the toxins by acts as simple as chewing on a rubber duck. Used for decades in plastic production, these chemicals are now thought to act as hormones and cause reproductive problems, especially in boys. It also signals an important crack in the chemical industry’s ability to fend off federal regulation and suggests that the landscape may be shifting to favor consumers.

The movement to ban the toxins accelerated last year when California prohibited their use in children’s products. Earlier this year, the country’s largest retailer and the biggest toy seller told their suppliers that they will no longer carry products containing the chemicals, known as phthalates, as of Jan. 1, 2009. Toys containing these chemicals, however, will still be on many retail shelves during the holiday season.

The White House opposes the ban but that it was too early to say whether he would veto the measure, which is part of popular legislation to reform the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The bill would ban lead in children’s products and would give consumers access to a new database of complaints or accident reports for goods. The House and Senate lawmakers agreed to permanently ban three types of phthalates from children’s toys and to outlaw three other phthalates from products pending an extensive study of their health effects in children and pregnant women. Phthalates make plastics softer and more durable and also are added to perfumes, lotions, shampoos and other items.

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Congress And The House Approve Bans On Toys Made With Lead And Phthalates