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Important Ways Out To Cure Infant Yeast Infection

Tuesday, December 26th, 2017

By Wade Robins

Only grown women get yeast infections. A little child cannot get a yeast infection, that’s silly. Sure, a infant can get thrush or yeast infection of the mouth, but not anywhere else. Any parent has heard any one of these misconceptions at some point in the development of their child. Unfortunately, these are misconceptions. Children, like any other human, are susceptible to the overgrowth of Candida and this is not just limited to the mouth area. Infant yeast infections may occur anywhere there is a warm and wet environment.

Train Your Kid To Face The Situation:

Candida just loves warm and wet areas and where is that more available than in the diaper of your now-starting-to-toilet-train toddler. All of those adorable little folds in your child’s body are perfect breeding grounds for Candida, especially those covered by her heat-trapping diaper. The manifestation is not different that found in thrush. It still has that white lumpy look and smells a bit like rising bread. To help stop toddler mushroom infections be sure to keep your toddler clean and dry as possible, particularly during the hot summer months.

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While it is true that women and girls are more susceptible to yeast infections that is only because the genital area of females has more folds for Candida to thrive in. Little boys are also susceptible to toddler yeast infections, because they also wear the same heat trapping diapers. Consider: the same environment that is ripe for diaper rash is also perfect for Candida overgrowth, so take the same preventative measures for your son that you would your little girl.

Curing Steps for Infant Yeast Infection:

Keeping your child clean and dry as possible prevents natural occurrences of Candida overgrowth; however, there are additional causes of infant yeast infections to be aware of. One of the most common reasons that a child develops such infections is an antibiotic regimen. Antibiotics kill the natural bacterial flora in the body that keep Candida in check, so avoid any unnecessary antibiotics to keep your child’s body as regular as possible.

Also, if your thrush has recently been a problem for your son or daughter, it is possible for this infant yeast infection to spread to other areas, like the genital region. This occurs as candida passes through the digestive tract and accumulates at the site of excretion. Finally, an untreated diaper rash can lead to an overgrowth of candida, so do not let it sit hoping it will go away untreated. Always treat the rash so that this irritation is not exacerbated by the burning and itching of a infant yeast infection.

Any little boy or girl still toilet training can have a infant yeast infection. Such occurrences are not limited to women or thrush. Therefore, when you are cleaning your infant and discover the telltale signs, do not hesitate to seek the advice of your child’s physician, because he can provide medication to alleviate the problem before it becomes worse.

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