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Facial Exercise It Is Never Too Late To Begin

Wednesday, November 15th, 2017

By Cynthia Rowland

Exercise does a body good and the good news is that facial exercise can stop the look of aging in your face.

Exercise for the body has long been touted as one of the best ways to maintain your good health. It keeps your weight down, it revs up your metabolism so that digestion is better and it certainly can help to put the roses in your cheeks.

Without exercise your sedentary lifestyle can begin to wreak havoc on your heath as blood pressure readings may spike, weight gain will likely be inevitable and your once healthy eating habits may go bye-bye. This type of neglect sets up dis-ease that can inflict long-term harm on your health.

When you use exercise your body responds in numerous positive ways. Your muscles tone as muscle mass increases, your skin appreciates the enhanced oxygenated blood coursing throughout your tissues and an exercised body just looks and acts younger, healthier.

Many women who exercise regularly say that they wish their faces would match their bodies. After months, even years in the gym their bodies look youthful, sleek with improved posture and tone. Unfortunately, the exercise used for their torsos have not lifted or toned their faces and as a result she suffers from “Butter Face”, as in her body looks great but her face.

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Instead of seeing a toned, sculpted face, there can be noticeable sagging that detracts from a youthful body.

Eyes, cheeks and even the neck will begin to show signs of atrophy because aging in the face can become apparent by your early 30’s. If you raise your eyebrows as part of your expression, you may have inadvertently created horizontal forehead lines. If you regularly knit your eyebrows in concentration, don’t be surprised if you see elevens or double elevens etched firmly into your upper face. If you purse your lips, lines of expression will become evident around your mouth.

Stopping these types of expression can greatly enhance your appearance; most importantly, learning certain facial exercises will re-educate those tiny, hidden muscles and in time, the etching will become less apparent as the skin is better supported by strengthened underlying muscles.

What’s really exciting about learning facial exercise is the transformation one readily sees when these techniques are regularly performed. Lifting, toning and tightening of the facial features quickly become apparent. Eyelids tighten, sagging cheeks lift and jowls and pouches smooth. Even the dreaded wattle can be reduced in just weeks.

Some people who have aging faces would like to believe that surgery and injections are the best route to stave off the look of old. The misconception is that these modalities are easy ways to remedy an aging face. Not everyone would agree.

Using surgery and injections require maintenance and upkeep. Consider this: by the time your face is 55 years old, the muscles will have elongated one-half inch due to gravity and disuse. Altering your face via invasive measures is not an exact science so the results of using invasive procedures requires a certain precision that is not always accommodated by surgery and injections that plump and paralyze.

This is why facial exercise, using your thumbs and fingers as your age erasers, is spot on with results that look normal and your friends and family will instantly recognize you. Using a natural, safe, no risk program alleviates all of the complications associated with aging.

Gone are hospital stays, time away from family, unnatural looking results, pain, risk, infection and more. Facial exercise deliberately begins to erase the look of stress and old from your face. Using these specialized techniques require that you spend only minutes each day performing the movements that lift, tone and tighten each feature.

Most facial exercise users proclaim that they look years younger and that results are evident almost immediately. Eyes, cheeks, forehead, crow’s feet, lower mouth, neck, double chins are just a few areas that will benefit from a regimen of exercise.

What could be easier? It’s never too late to pamper yourself or to give yourself permission to do something that is amazingly beneficial for your self confidence and self esteem. You will love your results, your friends and family will notice there is something wonderfully different about you and most of all, you will have learned how to take very good care of your face without one injection or a stitch.

Whether you’re 30 or 70, you’re going to see a definite change when you use facial exercise. It’s never too late to look the best you can!

About the Author: Cynthia Rowland is widely recognized as an expert in all natural facial fitness. She has appeared on The View, The Today Show, Rachael Ray, The Doctors and other popular shows. Cynthia is co-host of The Ageless Sisters on and author of The Magic of Facial Exercise. This author, speaker and television personality is leading the crusade to keep men and women looking vibrantly younger through natural techniques without spending their children’s inheritance. You may learn more about her anti-aging techniques at and she welcomes your subscription to her FREE content rich newsletter at


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