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Free Electricity Does It Really Exist?

Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

Free Electricity Does It Really Exist?


James K Stewart

The belief that we all have access to free electricity for our homes and businesses to many people is somewhat farfetched. It s a luxury many of us would like to have so is it actually possible does free electricity really exist and if it does, how do we get it what would it mean for us?

Free electricity is available to anybody but there are of course steps which we have to take to benefit from it and this does involve some financial cost. Free electricity can be generated in several forms by simply harnessing the power of nature.

As you have no doubt guessed, I am of course talking about solar and wind power together with one other little known piece of genius technology which I will talk about shortly. These renewable and natural energy resources have the capability to generate many thousands of hours of natural free energy for our homes and there are enormous benefits to either system.

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Solar power is probably the more expensive of the two but on the plus side, it can also be the most efficient. I am not talking about enlisting the help of professional solar panel builders and installers here at vast expenses. You can very easily and simply build a solar panel array for your home for well under $200 regardless of DIY experience and with parts which you can get from any good hardware store.

You can build solar roof panels as big or as small as you wish but the capability to generate 100% free electricity is a definite reality when utilizing solar energy.

Wind power can also be turned into a great free source of electricity by making your very own windmill generator. Depending on your geographic location, you could easily harness the power of the wind and use it to generate substantial amounts of natural, free, home electricity. A windmill generator should cost you approximately $120 to build and this should get you a windmill which will generate hundreds of hours of electricity. These too are very simple and quick to build at home and all of the required parts are easily accessible from a good hardware store.

Now for the little known genius technology a magnet generator. This fantastic yet simple piece of technology is what the large utility companies didn t want you to know about and it s easy to see why. Absolutely anybody can use the natural power of magnets to build a magnetic generator and generate hours of free home electricity and the best part is that you do not need to rely on the weather conditions for this to work. They can be built within a single day and are very cheap to make, depending on the required size of your unit. Simply a genius piece of technology which is becoming amazingly popular for free electricity at home.

Free electricity really does exist to those who have the motivation and willpower to really make a difference. Following the instructions of a quality DIY guide, you have a great opportunity to generate an almost unlimited amount of free electricity for a very minimal cost.

Right now there has never been a better time to seek out alternative home energy options and free electricity can be easily had by anyone dedicated enough to make a start.

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