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Hair Extensions: Myths And Truths}

Friday, September 29th, 2017

Submitted by: Dimitris Chatzimichail

Hair extensions (strands & wefts) give to you the rich long hair you have always dreamed. First used by celebrities, actors, singers and general women needed a striking appearance because of their profession.

Then became necessary accessories in social events (weddings, christenings etc) and now have entered the daily life of every woman.

Heard and written too much about Hair Extensions and in this article we will try to separate the “myth” of the “truth.”

Extensions & Wefts from Human hair dont damage at all

What you need to know: extensions & wefts from natural hair have all the advantages and risks that have your own hair. This means that you can dye them, straighten them or do curls and generally apply your favorite styling. But if you do not treat properly you can see them dehydrated, tangled with split ends or damaged, just as it would happen in your own hair if not careful.

Indeed, extensions & wefts risk much more than your hair because do not “fed” by a root hair of your head (as with your normal hair).

So it is a “Myth” that natural extensions do not get anything

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Permanent placement damaging your own hai

What you need to know about strand extensions: If you choose a permanent placement using keratin (or another glue) you need a professional (qualified and experienced ) who will place and remove (later) the strands. Otherwise there is a real risk of destroying your own hair. But if the professional is experienced, no risk at all for your hair.

Also, you can select the placement method with micro-rings (no glue, no danger)!

What you need to know about wefts: This method of permanent placement with sewing trimmings to your hair restricts ventilation of your hair on various parts of sewing. It is preferable to choose the method of permanent placement with micro-rings mentioned above.

It is a “Myth” that the permanent placement destroys your hair or wig (????????)

Permanent placement has maintenance costs

What you should know: The permanent installation – by whatever method and be done – has led to clinch the stands or weft near the roots of your hair. This means that once you grow your hair you need to remove them and place them back close to your roots.

So is “True” that permanent placement has maintenance costs.

If you do not permanent placement your extensions last longe

What you should know: The life of hair extensions depend on the care and use. If you have permanent placement means that you wear them 24 hours, that you wash them every time you wash your hair, that you enter the sea or the pool with them, that you sleep with them etc.

If you trim a clip means you can wear them when you want to go out and not all the day and night.

So it is “True” that if you do not do permanent placement you’ll have more time on your extenions.

Can I lighten the color as much as I want?

What you should know: most times hair extensions have already dyed at the factory production, so you need to use bleaching to change the color in a lighter (just like your own hair).

It is a process that can be done theoretically but it is very dangerous to “burn” the hair.

We then characterize as “myth” because of the danger that has.

Can I darken the color as much as I want?

What you need to know: You can actually darken the color as you like using peroxide 10 points. It’s good to use a little warm water to the mix when you dye the extension itself (and not getting temperature from your head)

So is “True” that you can darken the natural extensions as you want

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