Clothing Decorations Are Divine

Submitted by: James Brown

People know instinctively that a white collar worn about the neck of a black shirt and pants is a clothing decorations that is divine. Only priests wear these collars but they are fashion statements that inspire people to keep the faith everyday. Other clothing decorations are divine but in a subtle way at times, and people enjoying showing signs of faith in these decorative ways because the graphic images offer more variety and spice to life than puritan clothing styles worn by nuns in a nunnery.

Some of the angelic images placed on clothing are filled with warm smiles and angelic stares. When people look at these fashion accents, they see clothing decorations are divine and calming at times. People find peace and solace from the angelic portrayals placed on shirts and children are warmed to the core when they see the roses red cheeks of an angel who is showing signs that they are very happy to be living in a better place. Some of these angelic images create clothing decorations so divine that they are used as decorations for a church.

Clothing decorations are divine when they are personalized with the first name of a child. Angelic cherubs with a new baby’s full name and date of birth are often used to decorate nurseries. Those same cherubs can be embroidered on shirts, bibs and undergarments and create the child’s first fashion statement. Clothing decorations are divine when baby wear is accented with bears, ducks and angels. Some parents use these divine images to identify diaper bags when they pick children up at the sitter.


Holidays are more festive and fun when clothing decorations are divine. Little girls that wear dresses with angelic appliques on the front will look like angels throughout the Christmas holidays and every other holiday will be joyful because the clothing decorations are so divine. Some parents like to add festive motifs on children’s clothing styles that will tie in nicely with the Christmas holidays. It is not uncommon to see green holly around the border of a jacket or poinsettias that have vivid shades of red that are the divine image of the festive holiday season.

The angelic folds found in angel wings will give certain people the impression that clothing decorations are divine. When the angel wings are wrapped around another angel in a romantic hug, romantic notions might come to mind. Some star crossed lovers become sweethearts for life just because they received clothing decorations that were so divine. Most women will wear these angelic images on satin bags that they carry on the day of their wedding and the sweetheart images might be transferred over to the tabletops at the wedding reception.

Any collection of angelic creatures can turn an entire fashion wardrobe into an angelic experience that is very satisfying. The clothing decorations are divine because they add shimmer and personality to little places on clothing that the wearer will rarely see, but those people that are around that person will notice the little additions to clothing almost instantly and say something to the wearer that will be very pleasing. Some people share the clothing decorations that are divine because it is hard to be stingy with angelic images on the mind.

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