Considerations When Hiring A Bigcommerce Developer

Posted by on October 10, 2018

byAlma Abell

Hiring a Bigcommerce developer is a great way to create a website that functions the way you want and includes all the features you need. With the ability to create and customize your website’s templates and apps and integrate features from other sites, a developer is an essential part of your overall team.

The role of a Bigcommerce developer, like a developer for any ecommerce site, is providing the behind-the-scenes support, programming and debugging of the website. You need to have a professional that knows the platform and also knows how to create the features and the functionality you need.

To get the best, most-experienced professional for the job, plan to spend some time considering the different options available. Of course, other factors such as time, budget, and even location may come into play, all which will need to be considered individually based on your specific requirements.

Freelancer or Company

For a small business, startup company, entrepreneur, or first-time ecommerce website owner, choosing between a freelance professional and a company offering a Bigcommerce developer as part of a package or individual service is the first thing to consider.

Generally freelancers will offer the lowest costs, but they may be less experienced and unfamiliar in working exclusively with the Bigcommerce platform. This can result in waiting longer to get projects completed and, in some cases, issues with one freelancer taking on more work than they can reasonably handle. This often results in frustration as deadlines are missed and work goes unfinished.

With a company offering a package of services, including a specialized and dedicated Bigcommerce developer, SEO team, and marketing support, you have a greater range of services. You also have more of an ability to review their work, ask for references, and get a sense of the experience and professionalism you will be working with.

Creative Approach

It is also important for a Bigcommerce developer to be able to think creatively and see your project as unique based on your business. You don’t want to hire a company or a freelancer that only produces the same type of website over and over again.

Look for a creative approach to your website design that is also practical and meets your needs. While it may seem logical, this can be a challenging combination to find, particularly if you are shopping based on price alone.

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