Designing A Dramatic Entrance Door

Posted by on February 18, 2018

By Alyssa Davis

The front entryway and door to your house is what provides people with their first impression about your home. There are some methods you can use to design an entryway and front entrance door that will make a dramatic statement and improve the overall look of your home from the outside.

The Entrance Door Size

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The door you choose has a big impact on the appearance of the front entryway into your home. One method of creating a lot of drama is using an oversized door. Although this might take a bit of retrofitting if you are remodeling an existing home, a door that is taller than normal can add a lot of impact to the overall look. This can be especially effective if the home has a foyer area with a tall ceiling, or a grand light fixture hung high inside the entryway to the home. French double doors can also add a lot of style and appeal, again by being larger than your average front door.

Dramatic Colors

Instead of using lighter neutral shades, choose a darker and more dramatic accent color for the front door. Colors that can be extremely effective are burgundy and deep greens, as well as other dark and earthy colors. This is a good way of picking up accent colors from inside your home, as well as outside, and can help to accentuate architectural features both inside and outside your home. For instance, if you have greens in your living room area, choose a complementary color that is a shade or two darker for your front door, for additional emphasis. You can also create some drama by selecting a surprising or contrasting color for the front door. Or, add some color to your front door by choosing doors that feature stained glass, or etched glass areas.

Door Design

If you are shopping for a new front door, consider some of the new styles that include plenty of windows. Not only does this let a lot of light into your home, but it also can let some of your interior design, such as a dramatic entryway light fixture, become visible from outside. Some of these doors include a surrounding framework that is also designed with a lot of style, such as an arch shape with glass panes over the top of the doorframe. Wooden doors finished in rich shades are beautiful, or select from fiberglass door styles which are easy to care for, and provide good insulating properties. There are many door manufacturers that make fiberglass doors in styles that closely resemble the design features and patterns of wood doors.

Accessorizing the Front Door

In addition to the door itself, there are other things you can do to create a dramatic entryway into your home. Select impressive door hardware, and add a beautiful brass doorknocker. Beautiful brass hardware looks especially elegant when contrasted against dark colored doors. You can also increase the drama of your entryway by adding a tasteful wreath to the front door, or by adding some plantings or other types of landscaping to the area immediately surrounding the front door.

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