Estate Trust In Lake County And Avoiding Litigation

Posted by on November 25, 2018

byAlma Abell

Protecting your assets and making sure your money, land, home(s), and other assets go to the right people after you are gone are two of the primary benefits of estate and trust planning. Estate Trust in Lake County planning can also help your loved ones avoid litigation after you are gone. Emotions run high after the death of a loved one, so it is wise to have all your finances and assets in order. What are some things you can do to avoid litigation over your estate?

Legal Documentation

A lawyer can help you with your estate planning and setting up trusts. Legal documents make it difficult for people to cause problems with your estate. When your legal documents are in order and done properly by your attorney, the likelihood of a family member contesting it is low. It is important that your paperwork is drafted well, easy to understand, and provides for virtually every aspect of your estate. Estate Trust in Lake County lawyers help to ensure your estate planning and trust documentation is properly prepared, recorded, and updated as necessary. Ask about including a no-contest clause to your documents. That may at least discourage family members from contesting your arrangements.

Communicate with Your Loved Ones

Another way to try to prevent litigation and fighting over your estate is to communicate with your loved ones before you are gone. Conduct a family meeting when everyone can be there and discuss your estate plan with them. This will be uncomfortable for the ones who love you, but it also makes them feel like they are part of the planning process which may prevent future litigation. If you cannot or do not feel the need for a family meeting, at least send your loved ones letters of your intent for your estate or a video explaining what you are doing. When you communicate your estate plans, you are preparing them so there are no big surprises.

When it is important for you to handle your estate planning ahead of time, it is also worth taking the time to prevent litigation. Ensuring your documents and paperwork are in order and communicating with your loved ones are two of the most important aspects of preventing disputes over your estate. Charles T. Newland & Associates can help handle legal documentation related to Estate Trust in Lake County so you can avoid future litigation.

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