Gps: Tips To Enhance Your Gps S Use

GPS: Tips to Enhance your GPS s USE


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Who needs a map now that the cost for a GPS, global positioning satellite, has come down to the point where you can pick one up for under $150? In fact I was at the Target the other day and saw a Tom Tom for $119. That s a good price for a known name brand.

If you are going to invest in a GPS because either you and the family go on a lot of road trips or maybe your job requires a lot of driving, then follow some of these tips below to make for easier, better and safe use.

GPS Theft

The last thing you want is to go out to your car or truck and find that your GPS is missing. If you leave your GPS out in the open where everyone can see it, I don t care what part of the world you are in, someone is going to take it. So do yourself a favor and deter the theft of your GPS system by detaching and removing it from your vehicle when you are not driving. Also your GPS probably came with or you bought separately a suction cup holder which holds the GPS in place while it is in use. Take that in with you as well. That screams to an expecting thief that you own a GPS and they might break into your vehicle looking for it even though it may not be in there.


Software Update

Your GPS uses software in order to calculate all of those routes and directions. The first time you use it, it also needs to locate the satellite system and update your device. The best time to do this is on a clear sunny day. Done right and it should take about 20 minutes so it is recommended that you update your GPS information right before you are about to leave on that long road trip.


Yes GPS s are cool and neat, especially when the voice is telling you to go left and go right, however it is still a computer system with some software and not a live person. So in order to get the greatest benefits from using a GPS enter in as much information as possible for your starting point and your destination. The more information you feed it, the better directions your GPS will give you.


Most brands of GPS systems offer a once a year (maybe more often) option to update the mapping software. Before you get all excited, these updates aren t free and depending on the brand of GPS you own, they can run anywhere from $25 to $100 or more. The roads in this country are always changing and if you go on a lot of road trips don t be cheap. Spend the money and get the map update for your GPS.

As you can see this tips will go a long way in helping you to get the most out of your GPS system. Use common sense with your GPS and understand that it is still a computer system and you will be sure to have much success with it.

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