Kitchen Cabinets Planning A Remodeling Project}

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Kitchen Cabinets – Planning A Remodeling Project


Clinton MaxwellWhen you want to start a kitchen remodeling project, you will have a lot of decisions to make to do this type of home improvement. The choices and the whole process can be a touch overwhelming. It is best to start by creating a budget. How much are you able to afford? Prioritize on what is needed and what things can be compromised on to keep inside your budget.Most people begin project planning with kitchen cabinets. They provide the biggest element of style in a kitchen, and not only designed for drink and food storage. In fact, they are a major focal point. However, they can be the most expensive part of your project, taking at least half of your budget.Dependent on the style, type and materials you wish to use, prices can vary greatly. Other cabinetry price considerations are whether they are custom, semi-custom or stock built. Initially you should decide upon the color and style you want, and whether this will fit in with your home’s overall style. Cabinetry designs accommodate modern, traditional, contemporary and country styles.What about your kitchen’s layout? Is your present layout acceptable or is something more practical wanted? You need to consider all the features you want in cabinetry storage, wine racks, pull out shelving, etc. What about hardware? Your handles should complement your room’s dcor.Your flooring also needs to be both attractive and practical. Kitchens experience high traffic and you need something with durability. Most importantly, you want something that matches your room’s look.When setting your budget you should not compromise quality for price. Things like tiles are commonly used and easily afforded, whether vinyl or ceramic. The least expensive is vinyl, but stone or wood floorings are more beautiful and costlier. Wood is practical, but needs a lot of maintenance. Stone lasts a longer time and is durable. Darker grouts for ceramic or stone tiles can hide stains or even resist them.Your countertops need to complement your flooring and cabinetry. Each type is priced by the materials used. Expensive options include marble, Corian, slate or granite because of their durability. It is essential then to estimate the usage and functionality needed.Sinks do not have to be expensive, but again what it is made of will govern the price. The most common materials for sinks are porcelain and stainless steel. Durability is definitely found in cast iron, but it scratches and chips easily. Fixtures like faucets come in varied styles to match your kitchen’s dcor, but so do the prices.

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