Oakland Fire Protection Company Warns That Outdated Systems Could Mean Playing With Fire

Oakland Fire Protection Company Warns That Outdated Systems Could Mean Playing with Fire



Nationwide Fire Protection Corp., which offers

Oakland fire sprinkler system

installation and service to restaurants and other businesses, recently geared up for what is anticipated to be a busy spring for the company, as new restaurants open that will necessitate fire sprinkler system installations and improvements before they can operate.

NFP is headquartered in Colorado, but the company opened a Placentia fabrication facility in 2009 to address the increasing demand for fire protection work throughout California, including more demand for Oakland fire protection.

Opening a new restaurant where an old one existed can be a double-edged sword, said Massoud Farazandeh, general manager of Nationwide Fire Protection Corp., an affiliate of American Professional Services (APS-Hoods).

In many cases, it s great if you have the opportunity because it s already set up to be a restaurant, said the Oakland fire system installer. But depending on the age of the system, there could be elements of it that no longer meet current building and safety codes.


When a restaurant owner is considering a building in which to occupy his or her business, there are some things they can look for that may provide some insight into the age of the fire suppression system and how well the system may have been maintained by the previous owner.

One of those is checking the fire extinguishers to see if they are tagged, which is a sign that they have been inspected and maintained, Farazandeh said. Another piece of equipment on

fire security systems

that can be checked is the links, because they often will have a date on them if they have been inspected by a professional.

There also are some common sense signs that show whether a system has been maintained, such as parts of the system being rusted or covered with grease.

Those are clear signs that perhaps cleaning and maintenance schedules on the system weren t maintained, Farazandeh said.

To be sure of what they are purchasing before they seal the deal, many restaurant owners contact a professional fire system company to perform an inspection. These services often are free and can include cost estimates for any repairs and improvements that may be required to bring the system up to current code prior to the restaurant opening.

When you don t know what you re looking for regarding these systems, it is a good idea to call a company that can send someone out to perform an inspection, Farazandeh said. That way, you go into the deal with your eyes wide open and fully aware of what additional expenditures may be necessary prior to opening the restaurant.

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Oakland Fire Protection Company Warns That Outdated Systems Could Mean Playing with Fire


About Nationwide Fire Protection Corp.

Chief Executive Officer Massoud Farazandeh founded Nationwide Fire Protection Corp. in 1989 and grew the business into a national leader in fire protection and

hood installations

of restaurants and facilities. In August 2009, he opened a satellite location in Placentia, CA. The company s comprehensive service offerings enable businesses to do what they do best, which is to focus on their customers and their business. In turn, NFP focuses on what it knows best- keeping businesses in compliance and ensuring the safety of restaurants, staff and patrons.

NFP prides itself on providing exemplary service, offers a quality guarantee and maintains a dependable and highly qualified staff. All crew members are professionally trained to comply with the National Fire Prevention Association Standards and state and local codes).

Nationwide Fire Protection is fully insured and bonded. It is licensed in fire protection contracting in addition to our licensure in the mechanical and electrical fields.

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