Real Estate Developments In Ploiesti, Prahova}

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Real Estate Developments in Ploiesti, Prahova


George Popescu

More and more, the main cities of Romania feature new residential areas with apartment buildings, office spaces, shopping and leisure facilities which are meant to attract people to make the transition from the old, communist buildings to these new ones which offer a better comfort. Such developments can be found in all major cities such as Brasov, Constanta, Sibiu, Cluj, Timisoara or Ploiesti. Taking into consideration that Ploiesti is situated at only 60 km North from Bucharest, it could be attractive even for clients from Bucharest who wish to relocate in a less crowded area, but not too far away from the facilities Bucharest has to offer. Some of them could even move to Ploiesti but continue to work in Bucharest, as its not so hard to commute daily from home to job and back. Moreover, if the highway that will link the two cities will finally be built, it will be even better.

For people willing to buy an apartment in a new residential building in Ploiesti, we are going to publish in this article an overview of the main developments that are available.

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PrimAcasa Castor: located in the North of Ploiesti, on Gageni street, this project comprises apartments with one, two, three and four rooms. The total number of apartments available will be 44. The 11 floors building will have two elevators, out of which one will be bigger than usual ones, and will be designated for furniture transport. The project isnt finished yet.

Primavera Parcul cu Salcami Ploiesti: situated in the center of Ploiesti, on Titeica Street, Primavera will include seven buildings with a total of 400 apartments with one, two, three or four rooms. The project isnt finished, but theres a showroom where potential buyers can see the apartments and can obtain more details from real estate agents.

Evocasa Orizont: situated in the North of Ploiesti, in Ploiestiori Village, the development will include 800 apartments and villas, with areas from 66 mp to 153 mp. The developer included in the plan schools, kindergartens, parks, parking spaces, medical clinics, a police office and many other facilities, for the comfort of the inhabitants.

Although many real estate developers offer special prices and facilities to their clients, finding buyers is quite a big issue these days, because of the low purchasing power and because of the banks not being so willing to lend money as they did in the past. The few people or families who may have the money are still waiting, because prices are on a descendant trend which seems not be at its lowest. Besides, in some of the new buildings, developers lowered the quality in order to be able to come up with competitive prices. Only time will show if they were right to proceed like that or not.

George Popescu is a developer who is trying to get insights from the real estate market. His main area of interest is

inchirieri apartamente Ploiesti< in various areas such as Democratiei, Republicii, Malu Rosu, Marasesti or Ploiesti Ultracentral. He is writing a report on Imobiliare Ploiesti

which will serve him as guidance in his further acquisitions.

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Real Estate Developments in Ploiesti, Prahova }

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