The Past And Present Of Panels And Tin Ceiling Installation In Long Island, Ny

Posted by on November 29, 2018

byAlma Abell

Many people who own older homes, such as Victorians, like to restore and s, tin ceilings helped keep fires from spreading.

Although the original metal used for these ceilings were steel, they were later plated with tin to slow down the rusting process. Modern tin ceilings are still made from tin plated steel and they are stamped with many of the same patterns that originated more when they are first produced. Tin ceiling panels are also sold in some of the same sizes as they were back in the 1880s, which were typically two feet by two feet. Tin ceilings are now available in many different colors and finishes, plus they are easier to install by homeowners who like to do their own remodeling.

Tin ceilings are coated with either paint or polyurethane to help prevent them from rusting or they can be covered with other metals like brass and copper that don’t necessarily require a coating to keep rust away. Homeowners can install tin ceilings themselves if they are patient as they require careful installation. However, if time is of the essence, a company that specializes in Tin Ceiling Installation Long Island NY, can install panels quickly and carefully so they come out beautifully. The panels don’t necessarily need to be installed on the ceiling, but they can be used around fireplaces or installed on walls as wainscoting.

One advantage a tin ceiling has over a regular painted ceiling is that it is easier to be keep clean for the owners. By using a feather duster or a soft cloth, homeowners can keep them dusted so dirt and grime doesn’t build up on them. If there is dirt build up, they can easily be cleaned with soap and water. The experts at Abingdon Construction Long Island, NY can advise homeowners how to clean the panels before they do a Tin Ceiling Installation Long Island NY. Tin ceilings add a beautiful old-fashioned element to the restoration of an older house. Visit for more information.

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